November 18th, 2009


Wednesday, November 18

~ iPhone photoshop "App"... "sketchy". :D

Yeah... hard core gorgeous outside.
We took suz's car in last night... and we were driving in together this morn'en. :)
Today was a busy long ass day... but it was a really good day. :D

~ well... it was clearly argyle Wednesday.
~ truly... everywhere you look at work... argyle
~ it's freaking cool... hahahahaha...
~ but I didn't wear it today. :(
~ I was all light purple gorgeous shirt and tie... (presentation mode)
~ big wednesday morning meeting... gah!
~ massage... omg...
~ off to hotel with my boss's boss.
~ er... there was a "directors meeting" in a board room at the hotel.
~ I was presentation boy... talking to the clients unix and mainframe leadership. Was cool. :)
~ home after work, dinner and off to pick up suz's car (winter'ing stuff)...
~ home to make cookies with Ed. :)
~ and now it's now. sigh. Late.
~ that things keep spinning right for lynspin
~ to send some smiles to hisbeauty ... just 'cuz...
~ and for lisabella to find her LJ mojo...

We have to accept something for what it is...
If we want to realize it's true value.

We have to accept someone for what they are...
If we want to realize their true value.

D'ya ever just faze out in conversation with some woman at work...
And imagine getting right down on your knees...
Quietly just leaning in and gently biting her thigh?
'cuz that would just be nuts.
Crazy people... everywhere.

I'm in the "library".
A room the original design for the house considered a living room.
Now it has a french door, book shelvs and a lovely desk that I work at when I "work from home" for clients.
Suz is upstairs in our "home office"... the extra bedroom... nice desks and computers and blah blah...
I just emailed her.

~ k... time to go. :D