November 17th, 2009


Tuesday, November 17

~ yeah, so I decided I didn't much like this picture.
but it's the one, so it's the one...
~ just on my way into the "goodlife fitness" gym... :D (my current "happy place")

Today was - kind of "as expected" - totally beautiful outside.
So, as expected, I spent it within the unhappy confines of government cubical walls.

~ physio, so easy stipp'en.
~ dark trousers, black tee and a sweater. (did I mention it was frick'en cold outside!)
~ physio, work, gym, work, quick perimeter groceries, and home. :)
~ had a quick meeting with my galactic core boss (boss-man, not boss-man-big, but just boss-man) who has just started a gig... at my clients site. :)
~ to point out that sometimes... I'm a lot like canuckgirl's cell phone... (lol)
~ that dotcombabe doesn't float away.
~ and to thank kaleidoscopeeye for all the pigtails...

[ :: Ottawa Parliamentary Restaurant :: ]... has added "seal" to the menu.
An effort to support the embattled seal industry in Canada.
They finished the news item with...
"How it will be prepared... has not been announced."
And there's me... driving along in the car...
Yelling "Club Sandwich" at the radio...

How cool is the [ :: Re-CAPTCHA :: ] project?
Text segments used in those little "prove to me you are a human" things where you type in the letters displayed all fuzzy and weird...
Those text segments are fed to participating tests by some big library project that has uncountable scanned pages that can't be OCR'ed.
Hundreds of millions of "captchas" are typed in on computers around the world, every day.
That's an awesome "decipher" capacity just waiting to be tapped...
and it is... being tapped.
i.e. the captcha's used on criags list... are fed from this library project.
Cool beans.

Life is complicated.
Your tears shouldn't be.

~ see ya soon. :D