November 13th, 2009


Friday, November 13

~ home... as I drove away to go to work...

DUDE... I didn't realize it was Friday 13 until I typed it on the subject line.
hahaha... well, it's been a great day. So there. :D

Sigh... today was (is) beautiful.
In sharp contrast to yesterday... this mornings routines were bliss.
Wake up... turn OFF alarm and go back to sleep until the second alarm.
Wake up... turn OFF 2nd alarm and snooze for another half hour!!! :D :D
Wake up and have a shower... make coffee, get dressed, make a smoothie...
~ ta da... hahaha... it's like the most blissful exp in the world... a quiet group of sleeping monkeys that I can sneak in on and give little sleepy kiss'es goodbye to...

~ blue jeans...
~ black tee...
~ maroon dressy shirt... nice.. .no tie. :D
~ planned on a day of paperwork to get caught up...
~ got here... and the day is killed by a "Can you attend this all day meeting".
~ fortunately I got out at lunch for the gym... and then totally bailed by 2:00... way too much geek talk for me...
~ on my way home soon. :D :D It's soooooo FRIDAY!!!
~ to make big cheering noises for jenlovefl2003... five is PLENTY and a great start. Good for you!!!
~ that I get to sit down with the_bean and have a coffee on Monday... I'll call you. :D :D
~ for suburbiadaze to learn the value of sharing... :D
~ and to say that it's truly a wonderful treat in my day to see eternally_pink with her baby ... we've been at this for soooo long... I remember you from many years ago when all this joy was a dream. And here you are. :D :D

Is it fair that I spend so much of my life wandering around in a fog of pure happiness?
I honestly find myself laughing OUT LOUD when I think about how things have been going.
Life is grand guys... and I know it hasn't always been like this... and it wont last forever...
But for now? ... k'mere... reach over here... touch me...
Feel that?
Pure electricity.
I'm electric... and I'm happy.
I'm also pretty sure I have extra.
So yeah... k'mere... I can share. :D :D

I'm a little dissappointed in the TV show Heros for not playing a LOT MORE with the Clair lesbian sex thing ... I mean... c'mon man... throw me a bone here... I've hung in all these years... it's time for some payback.

The sun is going down... and I want to drive "into it" all the way home... so I gotta jet.
I'll see you all later tonight. :D :D

see ya.

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