October 28th, 2009


Tuesday, October 27

~ working in my little hotel room. :)


~ a bit of a sleepy look...
~ although I was in the purple shirt and dark trousers forever ago...
~ long fricking day. What is it? 12:25... I just finished. now I lay me down to sleep!!
~ all day in the "war room" (aka comondeered training room... aka my home away from home...)
~ went to another mall with a TRU and found something I was looking for... (xmas... public post... secret)... which now I have to carry home!!! gah!
~ back to hotel and start with the coffee and typing. I had to do this write up tonight for use at a 9:00 am meeting. lalalalala...
~ I could still see straight. :D
~ ok... I can see... but I'm mightly squinty. :)
~ that people who feel a sense of run-down... a bit of a "malaze"... TO STAY HOME.
~ screw that waiting for a fever thing... you're contageous for a full day before you get the fever. (or so I am told...)
~ gah! Another young, otherwise healthy, boy died ... this time in Toronto... yesterday it was a little otherwise healthy girl in Ottawa.
~ freaking Hynie Flu is pissing me off.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to little miss ewtikins. May there be small treasures and big rewards... no really... you're a treat sugar and I hope so much hat you've had a lovely birthday.

~ dies.