October 26th, 2009


Monday, October 26

~ you can see...
cheese cake... laptop... me...and the cliche hotel room phone. :)
(these basteeerds are charging for internet now... in freaking fairfax. grrrr... oh well... I charge the boss. :D)

Nice... They say rain is coming to this neck of the hood... but today was nice. :)

I went to this big ol shopping mall tonight...
ear beads in... listening to music...
I feel like such a tourist when I "shop" alone in a new city.
Grabbing a double espresso at 'bucks makes me feel much more at home.:)
Oh... so I'm walking down this (beautiful, btw) hallway of the mall...
and coming towards me are two perfect cliches of highschool girls.
Tall young blond, with a lot of coat and hair, some of the hair stuck in her mouth... shorter brunet with slouchy boots and smacking gum...
Both totally engrossed by whatever they were each texting on their neon tigerstriped encased landscaped model smartypantsphones.
They could have walked right off a cliff... and they'd likely keep keying in short-form-words as they fell.
I kinda giggled when I walked past... noting that I had music playing and have no actual idea how loudly I laughed. :)

~ green ftls
~ and dress-up time in the beige zone. :D
~ wake up at 6:00... curse my sleepiness and snooze till 6:30...
~ get all snazzed, eat, grab my back pack (lap top) and walk across the parking lot of the hotel...
~ then cross onto the parking lot of the building next door... walk in one side of their lobby...
~ and out the other side... (more direct route "through" their building, versus around it)
~ across the other parking lot... and presto.
~ walk into the Fairfax, VA Galactic Sub Command HQ of the overlords...
~ spend the entire day working out a "story".
~ tell that story to a VP at 5:30.
~ see the VP smile at 5:50 ... and then finally finish. :)
~ went to this GIANT mall (Fair Oaks) and only managed to buy an itunes card and a couple of Macy's christmas ornaments. :)
~ ate GIANT dinner at Cheese Cake Factory... watching the first epi of "cougar town"... lol. Called the boys to say g'night from the restaurant.
~ now it's now.. 11:22. Finished ET Phone Home a little while ago...
~ and I have to write up a whole crap load of stuff before I go to bed...
~ but later... when I get to bed??? THE SLEEP OF THE DEAD BABY... THE SLEEP OF THE DEAD!!!
~ sigh.
~ it wasn't soo late.!!

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to Bethany (odyssey_road). May your little one... bring you all the joy you can carry... (and the universe can do that "being a bit kinder..." thing too!).

Cheese Cake Factory
C: "So... if I order dessert... can I get it to go?"
Let me introduce you to Safron.
I named it.
It's something about "red velvet", and "cream cheese", and "white Chocolate" and "cheese cake".
Oh, and look... there's whip cream. Not Kooo Whip... no, not koooo whip indeed. But whipped . . . cream!

~ dooooooode. gah. Two bites in and I need a rest.
Haviar just brought me a tray with a carafe of 'bucks coffee.
This will help me mentally prepare for the next two bites. :)

I enjoyed the freshman episode of Drop Dead Diva.
(Air plane on iphone... weeeeee)
I also enjoyed the opener of Cougar Town... but... a) on the street, in a house coat, she looks way too much like susan myer and I freaking hate susan fucking myer.
and b) how can this remain funny? This aint ShowTime. Unless they grow a pair and try to really kick the stereotype to the max, they will (and more likely) just get boring.
Time will tell. :)

zombies kick vampire butt.

k... see ya. :)