October 22nd, 2009


Thursday, October 22

Not a super great day...
Very cold... very wet.

Geo brought rather sad news home from school yesterday;
A grade 12 boy at Geo's school, who is the older brother of one of his new friends...
Did not survive a car accident yesterday morning.
Oh so painfully sad!
The combination of feeling such empathy for the parents that "got a call",
to watching as Geo processed this kind of event... for the first time in his young life.

Yesterday just kinda slipped away with being very busy with work,
It was "argyle wednesday"... I'm working on converting coworkers...
to potentially create a seriously creepy stepford vibe on future Wednesdays. :D
(yesterday's unused pic. ;)

~ Faker Thursday... wear something with a fake something under it...
~ (I get a kick out of the "untucked white shirt tails" fakers)
~ this blue sweater has a fake white tee under it.
~ busy day... but so freaking tired it's just stupid. (I'm definately going to bed early tonight... sigh)
~ too dead for gym... not too dead to hit starbucks... :D
~ for ashie to find new sources of patience...
~ to tell dinkydo ... that I knew she won... a long time ago!!! :D
~ that bratt72... survives her mischief...
~ and that you go visit a friend... weebsurfer.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday celtic_bairn... I hope your little love nugs are well and that this year keeps the lot of you healthy and happy. :D
And a big birthday with to a wonderful little nugget... sometimes59. May this birthday usher in truly wonderful years...

I got a call from coworkers in the states... next thing I know,
I'm booking flights and hotel rooms.
Spending most of next week in Fairfax, Va. :)
My current clients are very cool ... not minding stuff like this. :D

Whale Tail... hahahaha...

That Oprha / black eyed peas flash mob dance "I've got a feeling..."
How freaking awesome must it be to be that girl in the blue dress. :D
People who get live dreams like that... are my heroes. :)

K... time to zoom. :D
See ya soon.