October 18th, 2009


Sunday, October 18

More sunshine!! Wohoo..

Geo and I finished the other two sonotubes yesterday.
So I pull out the measuring tape... and man o man... I totally screwed the pooch with the distance between the two back posts.
I will be making a quick design change to the ramp to account. :)

But the weekend weather has been great so far. I mean seriously... way to step up Mz Nature. Way to stay of the crack!

~ still in my "sleepy shirt" and with pj pants...
~ shower in a minute...
~ then head to Cost-co.
~ zip into home depot...
~ home with groceries... wake up family... play in gardens covering plants for the rest of the day. :)
~ AR tonight.
~ to send a whole lot of good energy and positive vibes out to Miss Awesome... aka iamharmony,
~ to keep sending "patience" karma to my friend ayoub,
~ and for the next few weeks to sort out well for blonnie... (and I hope she's ok!!!)

Some folks, more than others, really contribute...
... and you have to agree... they deserve to catch a break now and then.
That's how I feel about Miss Awesome... (iamharmony)
I do truly hope things spin her way a little for the next little while.
She's truly earned it.

ps. October 18? wow... is time every flying these days.
Seriously... it's going to be christmas any minute now.
Geo TURNS FOURTEEN in just a few days!!!

~ k... I gotta get in the shower. :)