October 13th, 2009


Tuesday, October 13

I am such a spaz.

So, I was standing on a ladder in the garage, tossing coiled up garden hoses to a high hook, and hit the t-bar supporting the garage door rail.
"hit" with much force, on an upward swing, catching the back and bottom of my thumb and running deep by the time it hit my wrist area.
Only three stitches... but I'm on the "keep this dry" vibe for the next week. :(

Today was sunny... rainy... cloudy... and frigg'en cold!!!!
I am not liking the super cold fall weather.

~ wore the monday uniform today...
~ but I'm all about pj pants the minute I'm home. :)
~ and a big sweater... 'cuz... well, did I mention the cold thing? Having emotional trouble engaging the furnace quite yet... :)
~ much work... "work" is all about chasing choices as we get ready to make some "risk reports". Fun times.
~ went to the physio t dude at lunch. accupuncture, ultrasound, and several pulls and pushes... sigh. I really need this shoulder to get better.
~ quick "perimeter groceries" after work and home...
~ relaxing tonight.
~ to send a note to lisabella reminding her that I'm a fan. :D .
~ that jessy ... is keeping it together...
~ to tell jjnslat that I'm totally down with you being awesome!!!
~ and to send a few squeezes... er... perfectly nice squeezes... to mylifeasamom... :D just 'cuz...

Ten minutes into every newscast...
My heartfelt appreciation for living here in Canada is renewed.
Sure we have our troubles...
But dude...
Ours are practically "pop-o-matic" troubles compared to the crap that goes on out there in the big world.
~ waves the maple leaf for a while.

Has anyone tried "Microsoft Security Essentials" yet?
Is this better than Avast?

hurts a bit. :(

~ k... see ya.