October 12th, 2009


Monday, October 12

Kinda cheat'en with the pic... that was yesterday... :D

Yesterday was truly wonderful. All day cooking, visiting the dogs, and getting ready for the big family evening.
Today was again with the threatening weather but never turning into nasty.
In fact... I needed sunglasses. :)
I managed to get two sonotubes in the ground and filled with concrete. :)
(there's still two more to do...)
It was a "first time for everything" moment...
all about holes.

I spent most of the afternoon playing out here

~ pj pants and a nice fresh tee... all cleaned up after a shower.
~ at this stage? I'm planning nothing but zombe-ism for the night... er... that's "sitting-and-moaning" (possibly muttering "brains..." like a question, from time to time...)
~ that innerly finds herself some quiet time this week...
~ for kitiara to remember that careers are measured in decades... a littl time away ... is perfectly reasonable. :)
~ and that indigobluejelly catches Buble alone... so she can have her way with him... :D

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday wish to a truly wonderful young woman... dotcombabe. May the treasures that sneak around in that lovely mind of yours ... find there way out to the art that surrounds you.

It's "Thanks Giving" monday, here in the frozen north.
On this day... many moons ago...
Whitey sat down to give thanks for all the tilled fields and prebuild houses that the indians left behind after getting killed off by all the diseases Whitey brought.
And today? We get a paid holiday from work.
All of that being as it is...
Today I am thankful that my partner is someone I can count on...
Thank my children make me happy... every day...
For a family full of people that are not afraid to love each other
Here are some pictures that tell the story of our thanksgiving dinner. :D
We turned this...

Into this...

With lots of people...

And lots of food!!!

Having a grand "family" time... :D

We actually had FOUR pies... two pumpkin, an apple and an apple/blueberry... and a big choco-cake.!!!!

We also celebrated Geo's birthday ... (he turns 14 later this month).

I wonder if we'll get ... just one more warm-spell. :D
~ wishes...