October 9th, 2009


Friday, October 9

started raining last night.
hasn't stopped.

This has been such a mental week.
Good times.... for sure.
But mental.

~ argyle day... alas, that all came off after work in favour of the official weekend "comfy shirt". :)
~ stupid day.
~ kids have a pd day and zee took the day too... so all kinds of sleeping monkeys while I got ready for work. :)
~ not having to get them sorted and off to school... is like sleeping in on a work day. (awesome)
~ then... direct to clinic 'cuz my doc was doing the walk-ins, and I needed a script for physio...
~ and off to work for about a half hour!!!! gah! I know, right?
~ then take off to the physio appointment. It's a two parter... part one... this hour long modestly deep, moderatly painful, massage on the shoulders, back and neck.
~ gee... poor me. :D
~ ok, part two is with the physio dude next week.
~ see a guy about a horse...
~ and only get back to work at around 1:30.
~ home with a turkey-dinner-grocery-stop at Farm Boy. :)
~ to smile at n5iln (poof)
~ to tell lisabella she has cute little feet...
~ and to be all kinds of happy about getting to say 'hey' to indigojo again. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday hotblue... and for true... I hope like all get out that the year ahead passes over a stronger you. May there be a new you and a new kind of control to go with it.
And for heatherbell... happy birthday little sugar. May you find little treasures warming your heart this year. :)

K, look...
Michael Ignatieff!!
You have got to do something about the whole, looking like herman munster with a bad tupee thing.
Seriously man...

lol... hey Catholic Church...
Seriously looking like you're gonna have to say Uncle again soon.

Oingo Boingo...
actually performed "dead mans party" in the old Rodney Dangerfield movie "Back to School".
Yeah... well did you know dude at the helm of Oingo... front man singer dude...
is Danny Elfman.
As in ... the Elfman that pens the soundtracks to all the movies you liked in the last ten years.
Well, ok... but almost.
Oh, and his daughter is Jenna Elfman.
er... EDIT: (Thanks misskris)... Jenna Elfman is his neice-in-law.... :D
and yes, I do love wikipedia.