October 5th, 2009


Monday, October 5

~ happy anniversary to me and zee. :D

yeah... hard core rain... then sunshine... then rain... then sunshine...


~ hey... monday got the full treatment with a nice shirt and tie. :)
~ stayed that way through date night and now it's all about pj pants and a tee.
~ up and at 'em getting the boys fed and off to school...
~ full day... making it to the gym at lunch.
~ then off to pick up flowers and chocolates...
~ fast food dinner for two...
~ home... giving the kids the fast food...
~ and taking off with suz. :D
~ Moxies for dinner and then "The Time Travellers Wife" for dessert.
~ for a little strength of spirit to wrap up arlyn's family for a bit.
~ and to send a little love out to bloojanuary... just 'cuz.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday mentalconundrum... I hope all is well and that this next year keeps you safe and happy. :)

Eighteen years ago today...
My darling zee and I made our vows and asked our friends and family to be our witnesses... and our support.
They have obviously done a wonderful job.