October 2nd, 2009


Friday, October 2

K... I'm smiling... for all kinds of great reasons.
they all rhyme with "life is good"...
Well... not so much "rhyme". :D

Oh... and RAIN.
But the day did start nice enough.
But it's all about rain for the next several days.

~ eh... jeans...
~ started in a nice shirt under a sweater (for the show) but it's all about a warm shirt now...
~ k, so a crazy friday...
~ started with a zoom downtown to do a "dry run" of our trade show presentation with a room full of commanders and sub-commanders from the galactic core
~ bet boss-man-big on some nominal thing I was sure of... and now he owes me lunch... ar ar ar...
~ zoomed back to the client zone and packed a whole day into the afternoon. :)
~ home to sit with Ed for a bit, while z was a the gym, and then Ed and I took off to get Geo who was out with friends after school.
~ picked up pizza... :D :D
~ home...
~ now it's now and in a few mins... I'll be driving Geo to the AMC to meet other friends for a movie night.
~ working on a Survivor update later... :)
~ for beachdog... to indeed, have a brain.
~ that laperleprofonde... stays safe.
~ and that someone links up a good onion soup recipe for acoolsecretary

Kind of a "Things I'm thankful for" vibe...
~ I get to go fast.
Most of the worlds population will live their whole lives and never actually move faster than 15 km/h... ever.
I was thinking about this as I was zooming along the highway at 120 kms...
It's fun to go fast. :)
~ I like raisins.
Raisins are an anomaly.
They are sweet and delicious, yet it's all fructose... good 'energy' food.
Zero fat, lots of vitamins and stuff. :)
And there are people who actually hate raisins.

This week... at work... things were kinda mental.
When I left for the day...
I felt a bit like I should be muttering "mischief managed"

Watching Flashforward.