September 30th, 2009


Wednesday, September 30

~ on my way to the gym at lunch... :D
So besides making dinner or sitting with the fam to watch Big Bang, or reading to Ed at his bed time... the only thing I did last night was work on a presentation I have to give at a trade show next week. I kinda hope it's a big room... (Lots of people). Big rooms are easier by far... small groups... tend to be a LOT PICKIER. :D (Is that how you spell "picky-er"?)

It rained a lot yesterday and it was s'posed to rain a bunch today... but so far... just some sprinkles.
Mostly though... it's been COLD. gah!!!!

~ hmm... well, nice dark trousers, really nice white shirt over a graphic tee that kinda shows through, but no matter... because today it's all about the bright tie sticking out of the neck of my nice argyle sweater.
~ to gather up several argyle folks at work... and march around like we're in uniform. :)
~ busy crazy freaky day ... sigh. Lots and lots going on at work and it's ... a bit stressful. :( Ah well. This is the price you pay for lazy days. :D
~ gym at lunch... which, btw, still feels sooooo freaking good ... sigh. I am getting stronger... maybe not that you'd notice unless you were looking for it... but I feel different... better... great!!!. :D
~ more working on the presentation tonight. :(
~ for nontradstudent to get some good vibes...
~ that sirenity enjoys knowing what sparkely month it is...
~ to send a little love out to darkbay... just because...
~ and that hisbeauty gets to GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Tsunami's, floods, floods and more floods.
Poor bastards that are in the way... but wicked.

Miss me yesterday?
Nah... I doubt it.
In fact... I really get the vibe that almost nobody reads anymore anyways. :)
S'no matter. I'll just keep doing my thing and imagine that somebody reads.

I love a really great pear.
Firm but soft...
Delicate but amazing.
and soooo juicy.

:) k... see ya.