September 21st, 2009


Monday, September 21

(Good luck tomorrow Jessy)

Monday? what happened to Sunday?

Awesome weekend.
Did lots on sorting out our new ramp components... lots of "assembling"
I went to the skate park saturday morning alone... Geo wanted to sleep in...
I managed to dive through a vastly miscalculated wall ride and landed on my right shoulder about fifteen feet later.
A classic "that's gonna hurt tomorrow" moment and ... let me tell you... tomorrow? yup, it hurts like shit.

We packed up and had dinner at Jack Astors (which is what I'm blaming my unhappy tummy on, btw) on Sat night and then headed over to the Scotia Bank Place (Corel Centre) to watch the Senators beat the Canadiens 6-1. Good times!!

Sunday was early morning groceries... happiness at Futureshop as I discover that JVC ear-beads are "replacement guaranteed for a full year!!!! (Geo's 35$ ear beads died last week).
When groceries were packed away... I took Ed and Geo back to the big Skate Park because "Top Of The World" was holding a family skate day BBQ at the park.
eh... there was lots of "give away" talk, but that amounted to some dudes making kids do flip-tricks on their boards to earn... stickers and tee shirts.
Needless to say I didn't get any toys and either did the boys. But we still had fun.
Geo (once again, boggling my mind) challenged himself to dropping in at the park - and picks a HUGELY public day to try it... and he nailed it great. As he explained, he told himself not to hesitate, because that's where the fear comes from. :D

~ yeah... monday stuff... but no tie. :)
~ well, I thought I was going to an average day at work...
~ wrong. :)
~ forgot about, but remembered in time to go, a lunch for a coworker...
~ then a big department meeting announcing a major reorg that affects all the teams... including mine. Sigh... no complaints... it's just going to be confusing for a while. :)
~ home to nurse a sore tummy. ??? I ate something two days ago that has been hating on me since yesterday. !!! grrrrrrrr....
~ Homeowners Association meeting after dinner...
~ Watch the SEASON OPENER of Big Bang Theory. :)
~ watch more Season One Mad Men. It's nice to see West Wing's Daughter in a role again. :)
~ to extend big smiles to 1ginacolada's little five month old. :)
~ that kaleidoscopeeye finds what's she's looking for...
~ and that uawildcatgrl... gets what she's ... wanting. :)
~ Congratulations to mai_ling!!!!!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to the lovely and ... (gush, fawn, purrrrr) always wonderful misskris. May the fruit make your man happy and I hope I am lucky enough to see you again. :)
And to carefreespirit, a very happy birthday too. :D May there be peace in your home and love in your heart.

You don't know the pain of fire until you have tasted the flames.
You don't know why you ought to stay back from the heat... until you understand about withering.
Hence all the stupid things married people do ... because they just don't know any better.

I'm at a "busy season".
New projects for the galactic core... new things I want to accomplish for my own career...
New contracts with new clients... and my existing client is just going to the moon with new work and more work.

Yeah, so after dinner, when it's not raining...
I pop out to the yard, step into my knee pads, grab my helmet
and do a few "drop ins"
... Truly it is an amazing process to make this lead-of-faith thing a fear free "confidence" thing.
It's so fun to put this under my belt.
I'm sooooo looking forward to chasing this to the point of being able to drop in on the fifteen foot walls in massive skate bowls... :D :D