September 16th, 2009


Tuesday, September 15 (yes, I know... it' s tomorrow. :D)

So it rained like all get out last night... FINALLY. :)

Today was nice... clouds but no rain.
... and it's s'posed to just get nicer and nicer... :D

see that time? That does not say 8:30. It says 6:28:30

~ nice pants... black tee... nice shirt... :)
~ gah! Up way early, out the door, and drive downtown to have a "breakfast meeting" with commanders from the galactic core.
~ clients offices again by 9:00 (er, 9:15...)
~ good day at work... and gym at lunch.
~ quick dinner and quick mini-groceries after dinner with a visit to my units.
~ and a nice night ... er, BB too! :D
~ that innerly... sees diamonds.

Birthday moments...
Happy (late) birthdaykay. :D May there be more wonderful success in the land of you as this year unfolds.
And happy birthday to my treasured sirenity. May your heart be rewarded in kind for the warmth you share.

I'm watch'en BB finale as I'm typing.
Best season in ages...
So many good laughs. :D

My anger about Canada's involvement in Afghanistan...
Has been turning to sadness.
Anger is more fun.