September 14th, 2009


Monday, September 14

Hey look... sunshine... gorgeousness.
Yeah yeah ... I know... rain is coming.
Eat me.
All I see is nice.

~ all about the monday uniform today... dark trousers, nice shirt (and I actually ironed it this morning... sigh) and a nice tie.
~ I've decided to abandon the Full Windsor tie knot in favour of the half windsor. I was a hold out for the longest time. But... it's time for a change. :)
~ work... get the week started right... :D
~ gym... again, starting the week right. :D :D
~ getting work sorted as my clients shift me from one role to another one. (This is such a great contract!!!!! :D :D)
~ start thinking about what to make for dinner.
~ that darkbay ... would accept that it's a scarf.
~ for razzberee to ... get some sleep!!!
~ and to just send a smile out to applelard... for no reason. :D

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to an absolutely lovely woman... katscan... alas, who is mostly not here any more. :D But I know she's out there doing her picture thing and living her life with happiness... so really... what else is there? May there be great shots that are not missed. :)

Dear Rogers Telecom:
What the heck do you mean you're going to start charging for Internet Tethering?
Tethering is the greatest feature EVER and now you want to charge me more for it?
Way to be cheap bastards.
I mean... it's not like I don't hand over vast buckets of cash to you every month already.

MTV Music Awards
The look on Mike Myers face when Kanyea did his "George Bush hate black people" thing... was one of the greatest moments on television ... EVER.
I'm not surprised that another one of the self-absorbed-over-ripe-too-rich-wannabe-smack-monkeys coming out of the music industry has decided that Awards shows are all about them and their personal choices... as opposed to massive marketing vehicles for wealthy music companies very very very carefully pulling off a "We love the fans" moment.
Seriously... I mean, remember Ol'Dirty wagging on ... I thought he was gonna whip it out and take a leak on national television.
And then here comes Mr. West ('cuz I can't spell Kanyea... or whatever it is) once again, drunk, stupid, and shoving his feet in his self-important mouth.
Butt munch. oh wait... Kanye (?) ... what more perfect time to use the phrase "douche bag"!!!
ps. could Beyonce (again... how the hell do you spell these peoples names? gah!) ... er... could Beyonce possibly be any classier? Way to represent Super Girl.

One hand holding Gina.
The other holding the back of my head.
and me with all these altoids everywhere...

k... time to git. :D
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