September 10th, 2009


Thursday, September 10

what the heck?
I mean...
And look... the national weather service retracted their evil predictions of rain for Saturday...
Replacing it with... another perfect day?
sucks to be here...

Ok... not really. :D

I see a great deal of skateboarding this weekend.

~ er... beige day... green shirt... big thursday smile...
~ so ... a quick review of a thursday.
~ up at 6:15 to wake geo for his shower.
~ get Ed up and dressed, downstairs and pour a coffee.
~ start waffles for Geo and a Shake for Ed.
~ when geo is out of the shower, a coffee to suz and she's into the shower.
~ start feeding people... and make myself a vast smoooothy.
~ Geo gone for a bus at 7:10... Ed's away at 7:20...
~ hit the shower... dress... brush teeth and leave for work.
~ gym at lunch...
~ home and make a spicy spaghetti dinner.
~ and then get on the whole "relax all evening" thing. :D
~ that my friend darkbay... finds what she's after...
~ to send a smile to that Caddy drive'en ... jenlovefl2003.
~ for good things ... to land at dana7880's feet
~ and ... for sweet tassy to find her path.

It would be nice if for just a little while...
Canada would stick the heck up for Canadians when sorting out copy right laws.
It's getting boring watching us be puppets to American music industry interests.

ok... I gotta go sort out some laundry. :)
see ya.