September 3rd, 2009


Thursday, September 3

~ argyle is wicked cool ... blurry!!!

Hello beautiful day...
Thank you mommy nature. It's just ideal out there. :D :D :D

~ green ftls..
~ new blue jeans... nice. :)
~ nice new white shirt... and some new argyle.
~ work work work... no gym... must be nice to my knees today.
~ Hit quick "perimeter groceries" on the way home...
~ and make a dinner for the boys... and then again for Zee and I when she gets home at about 8:00 (gym stuff)
~ oh, and watch BB. :D :D (see ya Jeff)
~ that sugar-kit... the sweetest, most remarkable young woman I have ever met in cyberland... finds a way to be the talkative girl she wants to be... and gets to avoid the moral debates. :) You're a wonderful cop kitiara.
~ to tell canuckgirl that... you're getting sleepy... sleeepy ... sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy.... now... bark like a dog. A big dog!! :D
~ to send some good lj love type vibes to pasticcio... no reason... just because I kinda want to... mmmk? Stop yelling at me...
~ and that _blonnie calls little miss adora-monkey anything she wants. :D

Have you ever laboured under the impression that you knew the gender of some random Lj friend... and then find out you were dead wrong?
Yeah... happened today.
It's happened a grand total of four times in nine years on LJ.
I'm like... wha??? WTF? HTH? SRSLY?

Clearly I aggravated new randoms... by sharing an opinion in Facebook.
This has always been my problem with LJ ... and now, of course, with FB...
But I see something that I have an opinion about and there's the little "comment" button ... calling to me... whispering my name and pinching my ...
And because I save all my "resistance" for things that matter in life... I tend to cave in and comment.
A friend shared a story about a woman with CF getting the shit end of the stick from an airline.
And, of course, she was discriminated against.
There's the problem. I didn't agree... I agree she was wronged... but not that it was discrimination.
Now I'm sure I've a new following of haters. :D

I love you.
just say'en...
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