August 31st, 2009


Monday, August 31

~ pinch... :D

So I wake up early - of course - and look at all the sleeping monkeys... and go about my business.
At 7:30, I'm standing in the hall doing up my tie... and Edward comes of the can... nods, and heads downstairs.
It must be noted that Edward... pre-camp-Edward, is (was) the consummate sleeper-inner.
Him, waking up on his own and ... staying up... is a pretty darn big deal. :D
I'm looking forward to keeping him on this schedule.
This is the primary pay-off for "away camp" that runs this late into the summer...
Home from camp... school starts two days later. :)

~ hey... I made good on the "dress for monday" pledge...
~ and disposable tee and jeans for dessert. :)
~ to have a good day...
~ and look at that... everything went according to plan. :)
~ that the lovely innerly... enjoys the rain.
~ for symph to find some sun to shine on that spot she's in...
~ and ... for a few things to spin right for 1ginacolada

Jackie... the worlds worst manager... is the manager of sky gym or whatever.
A "Reality TV Show" of questionable "reality" about trainers and a Jackie's gym called "Workout".
Suz watches this... I see bits and pieces.
Saw a bit.
Jackie quote: "Guys in their forties... either cheat, buy a lamborghini , or hit the gym."
f'en could have kissed her at that moment. :) LOL.

Tomorrow morning... first day of school.
Tonight... restarting the making-lunch-routines.
Suz has been getting back-packs and supplies sorted with our guys.
Ed is currently discovering the wonder of "liquid paper tape".
Did you know that Mike Nesmith's mom invented liquid paper... patented and everything. A financial empire.
Yes... he was THE Mike from The Monkeys.
Oh... and Mike? He is... was the original Music Video pioneer.
Google Elephant Parts.

getting up at 5:00...
grabbing a coffee. (LOVE the delay brew)
wrapping in a blanket...
And sitting in a lawn chair in the middle of my front lawn.
At 5:09 to 5:17... the IIS with the shuttle attached, will be passing over.

~ peace. :)
(and if you can't manage peace, then, ok... I'm sure somebody somewhere wants to spend billions on having at war at your place. Then later... when everything looks like it's gone to total shit... they'll even hold democratic elections so you can make a bunch of criminals and nare-do-wells think they have power and stuff. But don't worry... the war guys will eventually leave... then you can just go back to whatever the heck you were doing before.)