August 30th, 2009


Sunday, August 30

So we got up and hit the road to find the boys. :D
Camp-exit was, as expected, a-wash with emotional kids.
After everybody hugged each other and we stuffed their giant bags into the truck... we zoomed home to the lovely sounds of camp stories and good times. :D
It was grand.

My gut was hurting the other day... in a most peculiar way.
So I saw my doc and she said it was my colon and if this and that happened I ought to go to emerg.
This-and-that happened, so I headed over to the hospital after the boys were settled at home.
There I spent the rest of the afternoon getting blood tests, pee tests and pooh* tests... and sitting around with this port into my arm waiting for any sudden decision to hack me open.
Every test came back saying that nothing was bleeding inside me so they did all kinds of other little tests and decided... I should go home and suck it up for a while. He (doc dude today) suggested it could just be muscle related... like a little rip or whatever. so...
waste of a day but now-I-know-for-sure, so I can relax. :)

My kids start School on Tuesday!!! :D

~ pj pants. :D
~ to wake up and go get the boys! :D :D :D
~ and enjoy the day there-after.
~ didn't kinda work that way but ... whatever. :D All is well.
~ You're having as much fun as I am. :D

Birthday moments...
From yesterday
A very happy birthday to a very tiny, and adorable meg... er.. vespertine_x. (who's never gonna see this, see'en as she vanished to the face and the book. I hope you're celebrating in ways that will make you smile all year long.
And to roaring_woman... happy birthday sugar... May there be quiet moments of peaceful consideration in store for a very hard working you...
and today... :)
I bet you're out there sugar-doo... Happy birthday cherdoo.

Remember the other day... I tried the drop-in stuff?
Took a few spills?
Talked about not hurting myself.
So, yeah...
Did I ever miss a golden opportunity to say "Oh, I'm gonna feel that tomorrow".
Ah well... the price of my folly is the cost of great thrills,
I'm just old enough to feel it a few days longer than I used to. :D

* It's much more fun to spell it that way. :D

It's time to play Wii Resort with Ed. :)
see ya.