August 28th, 2009



Sitting in a doctors waiting area ... Sigh. When I called... one parson waiting.
When I get here? Full waiting room. :(
I have this wired pain on my ab... kind of "out of nowhere".
It's like a pin pain when I brush past this one spot. It's proly nothing... But I'm a paranoid guy. :)

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Edit: I am looking at this... it's night time now, but I wrote this in the docs office at lunch.... and I have NOT CLUE why it says Fag in the subject line. However, it looks ok... so it stays. :D

Friday, August 28

oh sure... rain all weekend.

~ jeans... red TH shirt and another argyle sweater... just not as nice as the one from yesterday. :D
~ to go to the skate park after work... 'cuz it's s'posed to rain tonight and all weekend.
~ I can clear up this pain ... er... this pain in my colon. :D (at least I know what it is now.... 'cuz it was freaking me out!)

It's almost fall.
I love fall.
Fall is my most favourite season. I love winter... I love to ski. I love summer... I love to skateboard... but fall? Fall is just such a wonderful time.
Best clothing season of all ... no contest.
And everything is so calm.
I find spring to be all giddy-up... things to do ... places to be...
Summer... packed with expectations.
Winter... hibernate and escape from time to time when you ski...
But fall? Fall has no downside. :)
Except when the first snow sneaks in... and messes with the amount of windshield washer fluid you need.

The kids come home on Sunday... well, actually we go and get them on Sunday.
I'm dying to get them back and these two weeks just pound home the greatest fear in my life... that I'm going to miss them terribly when they grow up and move away. :(
Never-the-less... I also know that things change and I'm sure all will be well in the long run.
For now, however, I'm somewhat sad that the weather has been bad this camp-season. :(
We'll see when we see them. I'm counting down the hours until we get to go and collect them. :D :D

We should publicly fund IVF.
This would leave hundreds of thousands of dollars in the pockets of canadian couples who will then go on to spend it on consumer goods, instead of handing it over to a fat-medical-system.
And if we don't fund it... we just end up paying twice as much or more in other fall-out medical bills from folks trying to get preggers on their own.
AND to everyone who thinks... "ack.. well then, there will be a whole rush of folks going to IVF..." please stop being so immensly stupid.

~ see ya soon.

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No lie, ... I finally steeled my courage and padded up for a drop in attempt on my ramp.
This took tremendous effort...
All FIVE attempts.
Each ended in a fall ... Each fall, an excercise in high drama, though thankfully free of girlish screams.
The only plus is that besides a sore shoulder, I am uninjured - which has been my greatest fear.
Here's to attempts six thru whatever until I get this fracking "move".

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