August 27th, 2009


Thursday, August 27

~ new argyle (sp?) sweater and new "straigh cut" jeans... my "slim's" are definitely not for work. :D lol.

I toyed with the whole "untucked dress shirt sticking out the bottom of the sweater" thing... but concluded that I appeared to be trying to look like the mannequin in the Tommy Hlfiger store...
So... I tucked. :)

It's a sunny day and while I need to hit Home Despot on the way home to confirm some part numbers... I really want to go-skate... we'll see.

~ er... the picture. :)
~ busy Thursday trying to chase people down to confirm some project plans...
~ gym at lunch... and yes... I'm pretty much going all the time now. I will go five days a week if I can. I fucking love it... love it. well, ok I'm not in love with the gym or anyone in it... but I am in love - deep honking love - with how it's making me feel. Stupid things... like ... walking! I just feel stronger... or at least, "less falling-apart". :D And note: i'm not really pushing myself very hard at the gym. I just do a harsh 20 minute cardio thing and then another half hour or so of machines and free weights to keep building greater tone and strength in my core, arms, shoulders and legs. :D But none of this hour long cardio stuff... or busting a nut over a bench press... Nope. But I do love what I am doing... and (lol) I love having a shower halfway through the day. :D :D
~ Big Brother tonight.
~ for my always and forever lovely innerly... to get to feeling better. No sicky for chew...
~ to thank lianna for making me dizzy at work....
~ that caroline75 has a thick skin and is ready for the little master manipulator!!!
~ and for my sweet friend jloopy... to be patient while life unrolls a new path. :(

Truth = The minute coalition forces leave Afghanistan... regardless of what they accomplish while they are there... there will be a civil war and shit will all go back to the way it was before the war. Of this there is no question. The US knows it and is jerking everyone around while they twist and spin trying to figure out how to make the most money out of the stink hole they've landed in before they absolutely have to exit. Oh... of course we could just overrun the country, kill everyone that doesn't convert to Catholicism, and force them all to start wearing jeans and tee shirts. Heck we can build a could of hundred mcdonalds too.

Big Brother
Seriously now... Jordan and Jeff have hosed themselves by putting Russel up. They was a move made too soon.
Now that he's up... like it or not... it's all up to Kevin. IF HE VOTES TO FRY NATHALIE INSTEAD OF RUSSEL... he will be on a threesome that can defeat Jeff and Jordan. If he votes to fry Russel, he and Nat will just be a target for Michelle, J & J. I'm guessing that Michelle is going to win the big money.
But that's fine... as long as a) I get to see Russel blow a vein in his forehead... and b) Jordan and Jeff get married and make beautiful stupid babies. :D

It makes a difference if you ... know your limits.
I don't mean in fun stuff...
I mean... understanding when to stand your ground... when to give...
When to be a flirt... and what to make sure that never gets you.
How to fight... and how to run.
And whether or not you can wear orange.

k... time to go to home despot. :)
See you tonight.