August 26th, 2009


Wednesday, August 26

~ that was actually yesterday morning. :)
~ at the Red Mill Inn in Baldwinsville, NY.

Baldwinsville... mid point between Syracuse "Carousel Mall" and the Watertown Outlet FreakOut Zone.
~ and home to one seriously outstanding restaurant... the "Mohegan Manor".

um... totally gorgeous day. Cold nights all of a sudden... but lovely daytime.

~ three outfits so far today... sigh. this is what I get for shopping.
~ normal dark-trouser-tie day at work...
~ home after work to put on my new 'most comfortable shirt every' soft cotton thing... it says "Syracuse" on it... and my new skinny jeans... although, ok, they're not skinny. Jeans, these days, come in four flavours: straight, slim, skinny and skelator!!!! I got slim jeans a pac-sun outlet and I like 'em. :D
~ after groceries and an AWESOME dinner (cajun crust rainbow trout, asparagus (hello pee?) and a vast salad... ... I'm in relax mode... still wearing the shirt but I've got new pj pants on. :)
~ ack... Wednesday madness... long day...
~ but I got the gym in and it was awesome.
~ oh, and I met zee at 11:30 to zoom to Geo's high school for this "new students bbq thing that he's missing (he's at camp) so we could pick up his sched., locker assignment, etc...
~ for some good vibes to track in the family tree of greenwavedave...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to sugar-bon-bon... er... bondas. :D May this most memorable birthday-day be a secret spirit-raising weapon for years to come. :D
And happy birthday to my little sugar-veet... aka so many but we can settle on nerdular for now... May there be love enough to keep your feet light and heart lighter still. You're a treat vee...

Dear Canadian Government:
You have got to get with the program.
How can you let the boy rot in Git Mo...
It makes me sick.

So yeah... a day in the life and times of your average Canadian Criminal Family and the Masterminds that guide it.
We had a lovely little quick get-away while the kids are at camp.
Packed light and headed off to the Thousand Island Bridge at Alexandria, NY and drove down to Watertown.
Now, make no mistake. This was shopping trip, but we layered a little romantic get away on top for flavour.
See... I have about a 2 hour max shopping clock. I tend to get a bit stressed.
So this was a total commitment to be shopper husband for two solid days...
We kicked it off at TJ Max in Watertown (Essentially a big Winners but eh... different stuff)
Then drove on in to Baldwinsville to settle into our room-at-the-inn.
I was expecting Bob Newhart...
The Inn is lovely and the little town is nice and the restaurant that we had a total pass as part of our room price at the Inn, was outstanding.
The "Mohegan Manor". Google'er.
Monday morning was up and at 'em at at Carousel Mall by 10.
Shopping for kids back-to-school clothes. And basking in the glory of stores we just don't have at home...
Food court lunch and then drove to Waterloo to the Outlet Mall. (a vast area with an outdoor - as opposed to a covered mall - approach to individual stores dedicated to brands. Everything from an Under Armour store to Pac Sun to Clarks ... dozens of stores... just wicked. :)
Holy crap man... and I was all over the shopper-hubby thing.
Eddie Bauer Tees (in the EB outlet!) ... can't decide? "Zee... just get of each colour..."
I got a bunch of clothes... :D and I bought the kids new wireless mice for their computers...
Zee got plenty and the kids are decked. Dude... shoes... a hundred dollar pair of running shoes... is fifty bucks here.
We actually went back on Tuesday and did both shopping zones a second time... sigh. :D
Anyways... we spent monday night ripping tags off and getting rid of receipts because we had it in our heads that we had a 200$ per person limit.
Dum di dum...
Border Guard: "How long have you been in the US?"
Us: "Since Sunday... three days..."
BG: "And how much have you got back there?" (strategically packed shopping bags on back seat)
Us: "well... we have 500$... but that's over the four hundred... so what do we do?" (omg... so innocent... just... gah!!)
BG: "Looks like you could use a rain check... you could have up to 800."
Us: Big Goofy Faces of Gorn.
So... so much for our forry into the land of import crime. We were under the limit counting all the crap shoved in the bottom of our duffle bags. :D
The Canadian border guard dude must have wanted to burst out laughing

Look at all the good Ted Kennedy did in his life...
Even though he was a murderer.
However, an average joe that cause's a death by their neglect and reckless behavior... will certainly languish in jail.
Clearly it pays to be a Kennedy.

k... Time to go. :D