August 21st, 2009


Thursday, August 20

Something wicked this way comes...
The weather emergency ticker across the bottom of the tv screen during Big Brother was quite something...
Telling Torontonians to get i n their basements immediately, etc.
Bad storms... tornados and general freak out in the Toronto area.

So... Toronto is over there... Ottawa is over here... and the kids camp is on this side of half way between.
We've been watching the weather radars all evening.
The bad stuff seems to be north of the kids camp.
But it's going to have been a fun night for them.

~ well... it was beige trouser day...
~ but I ended up in the can at a starbucks again... (changing into shorts an'stuff for skating...)
~ a busy day at work...
~ and as the universe threatened mucho d'rain'oh... I bolted for the skatepark after work and managed to get an hour and a half in. :)
~ get me some big brother tonight...
~ that my friends in and around Toronto are all safe!!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole "compassionate" thing about letting Al-Bomber-Man out of jail in Scotland (Thanks for the corrections last time. :D) ...
According to the Minister dude that made the decision... (he also made a speech about his decision)
... according to him, it is not about compassion for bomber guy,
It's about living up the ideal that as a state, they will exhibit compassion.
And the actual person... his/her crime, etc... not part of the equation.
So, Ok... I see the rationale.
Hoping to get what you give on a foreign relations scale.
But I also see it as adding up to being a pussy.

Dude... !
d'ya see that Semenya.
South African runner.
Look at that name...
"Semen... yeah?"
er... there's a wee question about her... his... it's gender.
looks like a guy... cept for the cheek bone to "eye cavity" zone...
and I couldn't tell about the adams apple...

k... it's late. :)

Friday, August 21

Rain... well, it didn't really start till mid day...
Never the less... skate parks are wet. :(

But... it's Friday, so I don't much care about anything negative. :)
I'll get up at the butt crack of dawn in the morning and if it looks dry... I'll get my skate in in the early morn.

Oh and as I type that, the sun comes out and is brilliant. :)

~ It's friday and ... I didn't wear jeans.
~ dark trousers, white tee and a blue summer shirt. :)
~ had a meeting with the team I work on with the Overlords from the Galactic Core (versus my clients).
~ it was a lunch meeting.
~ we met at "Mongolian Hot Pot". Sorry but tripe, chicken hearts and pig balls are just not my thing.
~ to send a smile to razzberee ... just 'cuz.
~ for pixiecup ... finds what's she's looking for... :D
~ and that mellusions finds another use for that lunch bag.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to compwizrd... I hope the car runs well, you get to play exciting games and that travel brings you to the places you want to see. :)

As school starts up... and the omnipresent requests for school supplies begin to trickle in...
I am once again reminded how badly underfunded the school system is in Ontario.
I don't know the answer... but I would start BY GIVING THEM MORE MONEY.
Geezus how is it that we can afford to give such a giant poop about Afghanistan, bail out heavy industries and ...
But I gotta send glue sticks, tissue, chalk, etc... with my kid to school because the school can't afford it.
Is stupid... yes.

Why do the lobby's of all Chinese food buffet type houses smell like old diapers?
And is there some kind of on-line ordering service out there called "Crappy Chinese Buffet Desserts R Us".
Why do they even call that thing a brownie... and HOW IS IT POSSIBLE to fuck up a whip cream filled puff so badly that it makes you spit it out after tasting?
Seriously people.

Do you ever get "turn around hands"?
This is some kind of mental failure where you have your eyes closed or something and, despite your efforts to the contrary and until you can actually SEE them... you have it in your head that your hands are backwards. I've re-read this a few times and I'm just not 'splaining this correctly. Whatever... turn-around-hands... a scourge. :D