August 19th, 2009


Wednesday, August 19

Not a bad day... I think it was sunny.
I remember getting ready for work... driving to work...
but everything kind of gets blurry after that. :)

Lets see... I know I started the day making three piles of all the papers and files on my desk representing three blocks of effort to get each cleared away.
After I had the piles made... I was called into a meeting.
From that meeting to my regular wednesday project meeting... from that to a series of stakeholder meetings having to do with the decisions made in the first two big meetings...
Quickly check company and client email services to make sure I'm not forgetting something...
Go to the gym and unwind my brain...
Go to 'bucks, get a coffee, get a tea to take to Zee at her office which is right near the gym...
Back to work... called into a short meeting with the director.
And fill the rest of the afternoon with more stakeholder meetings...
Finally ... back to my desk at 4... and write minutes for the project meeting this morning.
Then look at the three piles... as yet untouched.
Pile them together, put them away and pack up for the day.
I'll be making those three piles again tomorrow morning... first thing.

~ nice clean dark trousers...
~ black tee... short sleeve button up summer shirt.
~ work work work... Wednesdays... gah!
~ home to do some cleaning...
~ then zee and I head out to dinner with some friends... Italian. Therefore I have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow. :)
~ going to watch episode 11 of season three Weeds. Last epi I think... although there may be a 12th... yet to air. We'll see. (It's been a great season!! Thank you bit torrent. :D)
~ that hisbeauty wasn't cold today...
~ for mspish to remain distracted... comfortable... and less spazy (glass... foot!!!). :)
~ and that crushdmb has a great nap...

News today... 95 killed in series of suicide car bombs in Bagdad.
Taliban rebel fighters storm bank in Kandahar Prov. Afghanistan: set to make threats to disrupt tomorrows elections.

I have to say... the road to democracy seems to be quite slick with blood these days.

May there be friendships renewed ... and lots that are just new.
Things to do and see ... that make afternoons and evenings vanish in a puff of fun.
Good food... great fun...
... and a chance to write your mom and dad a short letter to say you're having a good time. :)
"hullo mudda... hullo fadda..."

Ok... seriously...
I'm so freaking tired.
I have to get a good sleep tonight.

ps. Kenny Chesney is playing a show at the arena I pass every day on my drive... (Scotiabank Place - home of the Ottawa Senators hockey team).
Drove past on our way to dinner. Place was crazy... cars everywhere. People... people everywhere... cowboy hats... jean shorts...
Dude... I have NEVER even heard of Kenny Chesney.