August 18th, 2009


Tuesday, August 18

k... I like nerds.. .sue me. :)

Kind of an overcast, rainy, icky day...
But the promise of sunshine lives on for tomorrow.

Waking up in a quiet house... is what I do all summer.
But when I peek in the kids rooms and see that they are gone....
Yeah... not the same. :(

~ black jeans... Trousers are still at the DC... pick 'em up on the way home.
~ eh... a busy Tuesday... but mostly getting psyched up for tomorrow. Wednesdays are always crazy time...
~ edit: and I did make it to the gym!!! (no surrender)
~ WATCH BIG BROTHER... It's exploding-chima night... and I'm game to see that. :)
~ generally miss the kids. :( I looked at their empty beds this morning and then kicked myself for being an emotional tard... :D
~ that the boys are having a truly wonderful time... :D
~ to cross my fingers for annietopia...
~ to point out that theartofgirl is like... this famous chick now... she does "speaking engagements". :D :D (congrats super-sugar. :D)
~ that symph changes her point of view... to a vista with a more positive picture to lijger o.
~ and that mellusions's eye gets sorted out!!!!

A CBC tag line to a news item profiling a woman journalist in Afghanistan asks the question "Can NATO win?".
I won't even click the link.
With that question... there is little doubt that what ever is printed there will be a load that smells almost as bad as it looks.
Nobody will ever win in Afghanistan.
Thank you Yoda.
Freaking Afghanistan...

It's funny how "rejection" in a relationship, let alone a business setting, is treated as this big negative.
People who get rejected, become more discerning and pay a lot more attention to the details...
Nothing dulls your senses quite as effectively as having everything work out, let alone having it all handed to you.
So ... got rejection?
Embrace it.

Smile... somebody loves [ :: you. :) :: ]

~ k... gotta git...