August 17th, 2009


Monday, August 17

~ The boys started camp today.

We got up early... actually, Geo got himself up at 6, because he knows they make everyone go to bed pretty early at camp and he wanted to be actually tired... :D lol.
Gotta love that he's a "thinking ahead" kind of a guy. :)
So, anyways, up early... over to feed the dogs we're taking care of...
Feed everyone at home... and then pack the car and hit the road by 9:15.
Camp at 10:40... boys settled, and us back in car driving away by 11:15.
This is the second year... and while I wasn't sniffling in the car this time...
It's still pretty damn freaky.*

~ the plaid shorts I've been wearing all summer...
~ cept they aren't falling off... 'cuz I just yanked 'em out of the dryer this morning.
~ sigh... all my new shorts (bought four pair at the beginning of the summer)... are all too big.
~ drive boys to camp...
~ drive to Merickville and shop through a few dozen antique stores with zee...
~ I smiled to myself each time (and it happened at least six times) I would see a guy loitering in front of one of the quaint little stores... same posture as guys carrying their wife's purse outside a changing room in a clothing store. Never-the-less... I enjoyed the shopping. I only cave into stereotype-land if we spend too much time in any one store... :D
~ nice meal in the little town...
~ home before 5:00.
~ go take dogs for a walk... :D
~ that sassy_red_head has some outstandingly fun days in her very near future. :)
~ that the family innerly... enjoys a little Lucky
~ to send a smile to macdatty (just 'cuz)
~ for tonya to find herself... just where she wants herself to be...
~ and that odyssey_road... has a brilliant weekend ... having her baby. :)

Here's the thing about the blackberry contenders to the Apple "App Store" thing...
May I just say...
Sorry... but 99% of Blackberry's are "issued to staff" in one industry or another and pretty much all of those are locked down to a corporate template.
The bazillion blackberry's that the Can government has bought... all have their cameras disabled, among other things.
So the question is... who's going to go to the RIM app-store?

Geo was explaining that our neighbors (we all live on these giant property lots
but our homes are situated so we can actually shout to one another from the driveway, etc.)
... so, our neighbors were eating breakfast at their "breakfast nook"
it sorta sticks out their back and has big windows... and were all ... all of them, mom, dad and the two little kids, sitting there making O faces.
Well... it's like this.
Geo was up crazy early today, but I was dedicated to the sleep-until-my-alarm-at-7:30.
However, I couldn't help waking up a bit around 7 when suz got up and hopped in the shower.
I was lying there, listening to the shower...
... getting louder...
... a freakish cloud bubble exploded over us and OUT OF NOWHERE was dropping bullet like "edge of a thunderstorm" style rain drops.
I could see the odd "etched" quality to the view out the window from my sleepy eyes and rain falling in arrow straight, angled lines ever-so-slightly obscured the view of the tree tops.
And then I remembered.
I remember standing in my driveway, looking at my iphone weather widget thing tell me it was nothing-but-sunshine on deck and deciding to not pull the tarp over the ramp.
I burst out of my bed, ran down the stairs... flew through the family room, kitchen and into the back hall...
The turbulence in the air, created by my passing, drew Geo off the sofa and directly into line with my rocket like flight.
I ran straight out the back door, through the rain, to the ramp and hauled the tarp (it's a wicked cool, easy to use system... which only works if you actually use it) over the ramp...
Geo and I had it clicked into place in seconds...
This is when Geo notices the family of O faces.
This is when Geo and I walk back to the house.
'cuz I'm in my little white shorty sox, my "fitted boxers" and an old white night-tee... soaking wet.

It's not that you take my breath away.
It's that you are part of every breath I take.

* damn? dam? what? no really... what? is damn a real word? it's in my head but I don't know how it got there...