August 16th, 2009


Sunday, August 16

Sun drenched, blazing hot, sticky, icky... WONDERFUL days. :)
Hey... we have AC.

~ Phinias and Ferb is a fantastic cartoon.
~ I don't really understand how folks can have a big dog that isn't totally trained.
~ I still haven't dropped in... because I'm a big chicken. :D

~ another killa hot day... so it's all about the shorts. Been through four shirts today.
~ omg... ok, just... phenominal days...
~ yesterday and today... both coming in with solid predictions of vast and relentless humid heat.
~ so both days found me ... in the kitchen at 8:30 in the morning. (Never mind that I went to bed at 3...).
~ and bouncing off a starbucks... makes it to the big skate park both mornings by 9:30
~ two glorious hours before the heat really starts to kick you down... when the water is running off my face faster than I can wipe it off... it's time to stop. :)
~ groceries on the way home yesterday and last-minute-items-for-kids-camp packing on the way home today.
~ taking care of neighbors dogs...
~ that lynspin finds... what's she's looking for...
~ that aristophren is careful... Apple may be listening... and when the revolution comes... they'll have your name!!!
~ for ladyfire... to be careful. Your wings are poking out. :)
~ and that things have got themselves sorted back onto kilter for her_whispers

Birthday moments...
From yesterday...
Happy birthday easilydistractd!! May there be no drunk neighbors with shot guns that wander into your yeti yard... :D No seriously, I hope you had a lovely day and that the year ahead keeps you well. :D
And happy birthday to my little westhill_mom... and mostly absent, so hopefully happy sugar. :) I hope you had a great day and that this next year is a load of fun. :D

Yeah, so Ramp Phase Two is coming along... except it's still all on paper.
I've got to be sure about size and space before I arrange for the hydraulic auger thing to start digging...
But each transition will be about 6 feet long, and the "pad" between will be 8. So that's 20 feet of rampy action. :)
... the plans progress...

Are you a BB fan?
Sweet man oh man... thursday night was grand. An episode where they actually did the thing you were hoping like all get out that they would do. :)
lol. It was priceless.
And just BTW... Jessy? He represents so much that I can dislike about someone... I mean... all wrapped up in one pathetic narcissist. ick.
AND... and... I don't care that she can't tell time ... I think jordan is adorable.


~ k... I almost feel like somehow I must be cheating!
Loves his work... loves his family... and totally loves his life.
Oh sure... some things need work...
But if it weren't for those things... I'd prol'y explode. :D :D

~ k... see ya soon.