August 12th, 2009


Wednesday, August 12

~ wear Strongbad... think about Kimberly. :)

And here it comes...
Summer's here.
... seriously. Clouds today... but they broke up... the sun poured out and it's supposed to be here for a while.

~ another dark trouser day...
~ Wednesday madness
~ and got to the gym as well.. :D
~ to send a little lj love and stuff to ca_blondi
~ that Mrs. innerly gets some apples from the little learners...
~ to tell lianna Right On baby... er... yeah... I'm with you.
~ and to echo that Yah! for cerulean_me

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday jamesbaxter... I hope the year ahead keeps on giving you reasons to smile.

The radio (CBC) was asking what Canadians thought about the way the Canadian government treats Canadians abroad.
... there is no question. Canada has scared the crap out of it's citizens by treating traveling Canadians so horribly...
I am ashamed of our government for these failures.

Sitill digging the morning smoothy.
Todays was ...
a banana, a nectarine, an egg, five or six frozen strawberries, a quarter lime, a strawberry yogurt. :)
sooo yummy.

I cannot freaking believe that GaGa actually
recorded a revised edition of Poker Face...
I mean, it was bad enough that they were actually playing an "edit"...
but a re-recording?