August 10th, 2009


Monday, August 10

~ hey look... some zebra. :)

Yeah, so "T-Storms" all day? Well, according to the weather idiots.
But there hasn't been a drop of rain 'round these parts.
Nasty clouds.
But dry.
I s'pose things will change tomorrow.
But they are finally forecasting a start to summer.
Just in time - btw - for the boys to head off to camp... so ... SCORE. :)

~ so ... I tried to kick off the week with the dark shirt and tie... but I didn't get past the stairwell in the house before I was turned around and getting a summer short sleeve button up shirt... no tie.
~ eh... monday.
~ made the gym at lunch... see // below. :D
~ getting sorted for tomorrow... because tomorrow is going to be seriously busy at work :(
~ quick groceries on the way home...
~ made caesar salad and ... bbq some chicken breasts and presto... club sammiches.
~ working on video stuff...
~ to send a smile to nosneros_h... just cuz...
~ to say how nice it is to share innerly's stroll down memory lane...
~ and for life to get the heck back to normal for tonya. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a sweet brat... far far away... and never safe from my evil glare... :D :D Happy birthday bratt72. May this year bring you days when sweet dreams became fond memories. :)
And to the ever distant kaar, a very happy birthday. I hope the year ahead finds you and your family healthy and happy.

yeah... Skate Ramp video gets yanked after six hours... YouTube pulled the audio track.
so I'm going to post the vid to vimeo... but I'm still editing and re-encoding it to ensure each music segment is 30 seconds or less...
and adding in text about how I've lived up to all the "fair use" requirements... and then crossing my fingers for youtube again.

K... so, I have bad knees.
This is the issue with the gym.
I'm motivated to go... and to build up my core and leg muscles, and generally improve the health of the system that supports my knee...
So I can get a few more years of skiing and skateboarding. :)
This all started with five broken legs before I was 18.
And even after five years of physio... I have always always had pain in the knee of my right leg when I climb marginally steep stairs.
Today... this afternoon...
I noticed for the first time ever, that it didn't hurt when I was climbing the stairs.
To me... this is huge.
It will take an act of global destruction to keep me from sticking with this gym thing.

I need a haircut.

~ see ya. :D