August 9th, 2009


Sunday, August 9

A rainy sunday... although the rain has stopped for a bit... I know it's just teasing.

We've had a busy busy weekend. Busy week.
Skatepark every sunny day this week...
Lots of home-ramp time...
Job jar stuff dropping like flies,
And ... just having a great time... not working.

Geo ... with a new skateboard ramp at home... manages to do a header over his bike on the road.
Knee is so wicked scraped up. :(
And camp (two weeks "away camp") starts next monday.
May the healing gods smile on this one...

~ rainy day? Kinda gotta chill?
~ yeah... shorts and a tee... tough. :)
~ up early-ish... had the shelves "touch up" and "final coat" painted before anybody else was awake. :)
~ working on the ramp video...
~ going to my units house for dinner... first family "do" at their new digs. :D
~ pretending I don't actually have to go to work tomorrow. gah!!
~ that caroline75 is patient with her new-mommy-self...
~ to smile and giggle at sirenity...
~ and that little miss awesome... aka jjnslat... takes it easy.

Birthday moments...
From yesterday... :D Happy birthday little meekorouse. May the year ahead bring answers to big and little questions... and keep you and your family in wonderful spirits. :)
And for today...
Happy birthday crushdmb. I hope the next year sneaks a few lucky breaks over to you.
Happy birthday to mage67 as well... may you and the ATLTUAE have a wonderful year together... I hope you get a lovely new towel. :)

So... a hydralic auger to lay in four eight inch sono (sona?) tubes and twelve bags of concrete?
Geezus mutha... building a skatepark in your yard... is a bitch.

Another job jar item bites the dust... :)
Used this stuff... (actually it all started as some pine at home depot...)

And it ended up like this... :D

I love seeing pics of peeps with big giant random smiles captured forever...
Not ... "I'm hoping to look nice" smiles... which are great!!! don't get me wrong here... people have got to learn to smile nice for a camera, at least, at home... but I'm talking about smiles that do not at all fail to point out that the smile'er is having a blast.
Those are great. :D