August 6th, 2009


Thursday, August 6

Another great day in the land of me. :)
Again with the up-early thing... makes for more time off when you get right down to it... :)

Oh and despite the incessant calls for thunderstorms... the day passed with clouds and gorgeous sunshine.

~ all about the shorts...
~ to get up early... (check!)
~ cleaned up the garage, played with the kids, finished the wood working for the shelves ... (still have to add the DAP and cover the screw heads - then ... pictures, of course)
~ went to the gym with suz in the afternoon... and did a cost-co, home-despot, future shop run... Got to have a starbucks... spend fifteen minutes in the local skate park... and bring home dinner. :D (weeee!).
~ Got lots of ramp time in with Geo... still haven't tried to drop-in... but it's a'coming. (updates healthcare records...)
~ It's a BB night and I know I'll collapse into a coma sleep tonight. :D
~ that pasticcio uses the time... to her advantage,
~ to shoot a big VH5* to giggly_girl,
~ to congratulate laciann on the occasion of such great news...
~ and that ninneviane relaxes and lets thing move along at their own pace. I look forward to pics... :D

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to little mz sugar-meave... (mylifeasamom)... my own private super hero. :D May the year ahead bring you success, revenge, surprises and an endless number of reasons to smile that adorable smile of yours. :D

Yeah, so I pretty much decided to go ahead and plan out another 1/4 pipe and a 4 foot deck to connect... thinking sona-tube (sp?) supports for a minimalist "back 1/4", turning the existing ramp around, enclosing the back (so it looks ok at the end of the laneway) and presto... 1/2 pipe.

remember when lj was just a little nugget... like nine years ago... !!!!
And we'd all get confused about shit 'cuz we weren't logged in, or they introduced some weird new feature... or it would go down or or or...
I take a lot about Lj for granted.
I know it.
I don't comment a whole lot...
But I read and try to follow along.
And I'm just say'en...
I'd miss you if you were gone.
I would.
I know it.

* virtual high-five