August 4th, 2009


Monday, August 3

So... a beautiful day in our part of the world.
We had a nice breeze and lots of warm sunshine.
And... and I got to swim in a pool.
We spent a good bit of the afternoon at a neighbors, swimming and playing with their dogs.

~ alternating between shorts and a bathing suit. :)
~ take care of a neighbors dogs a lot today... nice pool. :D
~ cut and prime all the wood for the shelves...
~ make a pork loin for dinner
~ play Wii Resort Sports at night...
~ that lisabella doesn't turn her back on the demon cats...
~ for jenlovefl2003 to remember to save me some banana bread...
~ and to send props to misanthropoid for being the right kind of mom. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Mr. Camera (balljar) (and thank you for all the pics) I hope you have had a grand celebration of your day and that the year ahead ... brings you lots to shoot at...
And happy birthday jethro . May the year ahead keep you healthy and happy. :)

Little frackers... oh my freaking god.
It's like the perfect storm for mosquito production... what with little pools of water all over the woods (thanks to massive rain storms).
Starting at about 5:30... and maxing out by 9:00...
If you walk outside and stand there... you will be swarmed.
Fifteen to thirty little bastards flying onto and around you withing moments.
It's like... they smell you... come check you out...
Then call all their friends.

I fixed a problem with the coping on the ramp this morning...
The whole thing was bowing "in" at the center of the ramp because of a curve in a key 2x4 that forms the lower part of the coping support.
This meant that the pipe really stuck out in the middle and was ideal over at the sides.
Now? Well of course, it's ideal all the way across. :)
I still haven't attempted to drop-in...
But I am admitting that being able to overcome that fear thing covered in pads, at home, and not at a park... is a good thing... and a good part of why I built the darn ramp...
So... I have got to build up the stones for the big drop.
I'll let you know... believe me, if I manage to not die, I will likely bore you to tears with the story.


Tuesday, August 4

Oh hello rain.
Like a house guest sooooo past even the point of impolite overstay.
See, it's like this...
When we have guests... of any sort, I think it's my duty as a host to be crystal freaking clear about when the end at hand.
So most social gatherings include - or conclude with - the statement "ok... it's time for everyone to go home." And then I stand up. :D
Now I bring all this up... to point out that mother nature and her creepy cousin Mr Endless Summer Rain that I have long since stood up...
Enough already... it's time to go home.!!

~ kinda crummy clothes... actually. :D
~ old shorts... good for painting and sanding.
~ another busy day. Not going to work this week... but making the most of every minute!!
~ got up and sanded the primed wood for the shelves...
~ put a first-colour-coat on...
~ took a neighbors dog to the dog-groomers... not a big story... just doing a favour. :D
~ went to the gym... full on work out, making up for not going yesterday.
~ made rainbow trout for dinner...
~ painted a second colour coat on the wood...
~ now it's now. :D
~ we'll prol'y watch BB later.
~ that willedit finds a way to be her own girl... occasionally,
~ for the good news to keep rock'en duhneese
~ that nosneros_h gets the answers she wants...
~ that everyone keeps on sending the good mojo over to inspectorjury
~ and to send some quiet little positive vibes over to symph.... just 'cuz...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a most vanished little turrelle. But I know you're still out there. :D Have a great year sugar.
And to a sneaky little Twitter defector, designergirl, a very happy birthday. May this first year... be a grand example of the lifetime you are sharing.

Stupid freaking Big Brother.
Here's how they do it:
1. Introduce us to a bunch of people and let them show us what they're all about.
2. Everybody quickly identifies the five people that are easy to dig...
3. Everybody also quickly identifies the hottest women or men, or the most in your face hotness'es...
4. Then it starts... a) any overlaps with 2 & 3? GONE ... FIRST TO GO. b) the rest of #2... GONE then c) anyone left over in #3.
5. And then we wind down the season lowering out standards and ultimately forgetting who wins because... it wasn't anyone you liked in the first place.

I have noticed...
That as I get older, and coincidentally, more able to indulge in small luxuries...
Coffee making gets freaking louder and louder.

Where the heck do you buy real test tubes?

~ k... hi and see ya. :D