June 26th, 2009


Friday, June 26

~ something wicked this way comes...
(side of the road on my way home from work)

Weird day weather wise...
torrential downpours...
searing sunshine...
big fluffy clouds...
nasty looking thunderheads.

How was Michael Jackson day at your house?

~ blue ftls... that I traded for green ftls, after the gym... :)
~ brushed black jeans...
~ white tee...
~ nice "no tuck" blue casual collar shirt. :)
~ Wake up ... tell the alarm clock to go to hell.
~ go back to bed till almost 8:00 am... hahahahaha...
~ get up and note all the sleeping monkeys in my house... (Schools over. :D :D)
~ get out by 8:30 with a big smoothy in one hand, a gym bag, backpack and lunch in the other.
~ stop at 'bucks on the way to work and load up...
~ go to the gym with coworker-john and get the glory.
~ back to finish off a Friday. no complaints... I dig my job, it's going well, and ... it's a friday. :D :D :D :D
~ I think I'll stop at Blockbuster on the way home... I want to see something on our big tv tonight.
~ that pasticcio enjoys her new pass time... (I think the word was ... groupy?)
~ for things at the sale to go swimmingly for krizsa
~ that there's a lift in the land of no
~ smiles at the turn of events in jjnslat's zone...
~ and for caranya to get some relief!!!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday jenny_rambles... :D I hope the new year keeps you safe and surrounded by good reasons to smile. :D

For all intents and purposes, Michael Jackson passed away several years ago.
His only contribution to the universe since then has been to publicly discover that the real world is nothing like the bubble he grew up in.
The musical legacy has been amazing.
The inspiration to the art form... doubly so.
But all the rest of it?

No, seriously...
The degree to which a coworker's face will light up after getting a compliment...
Just tells ya that there are way too few compliments in the world.

Dear Mother Nature
Please be sunny tomorrow morning...
or, at the very least, not rainy.
I really need to cut the lawn. :)

I had a long week. :(
Lots of work...
Lots of reasons to smile. :)
It's been a good week.
~ see ya soon.