June 25th, 2009


Thursday, June 25

~ hmmm... working on my "daily" from the office during a short break...
Imagining posting it via the "tether"... but thinking... er... I'll need a picture.
So... the question is... what to snap?
Clearly I will have resolved this by the time you read these words.
However... as I type, it's a ... mystery. :D

EDWARD IS FINE... we were both (suz and I) in a state last night when we decided to get all worried about Ed getting Hynie after the news reports some little girl dying in the family car as they drove to the hospital... GAH!!!! He had had a fever for a day and a half and enough other symptoms to make us concerned so we called the Ontario Health Line (24 hour access to a nurse). She walked us through a fairly extensive assessment of Ed and concluded that he does not have H1N1 but was experiencing a flu. She said if his fever goes away... he's not contagious.
He was totally fine by morning so I got him up with Geo and sent them both to school (actually... I drove them to school. :D)

~ semi nice day. Beige trousers, gray tee and a dark shirt.
~ very boring. :)
~ was planning to stay at home with a sick little boy...
~ except he's not sick... he's at school, prol'y having a blast.
~ so I'm at work... I have enough to do to fill a month... let alone today. :(
~ and I don't get to go to the gym today. :( ... wants to think about upping to four days a week. Maybe just a cardio day?
~ that wolfiegirl finds herself some ranch dressing... :)
~ to send a smile off to jenlovefl2003... no reason... just 'cuz...
~ to welcome the adorable shoo... er... shoo back from vacay...
~ that joggingguy stays the heck in the shade...
~ for mspish to remember that she will beautiful no matter what dress she picks...
~ and for chiropteraclan to somehow feel the wonderful things she's is doing for those kids... :)

Thank you Governor Sanford.
We wouldn't want anyone to get all caught up thinking folks in Politics that promote their Moral Posture actually have a single moral bone in their bodies.

Thirteen year old girls...on "dress up night"... look adorable when they try to look all 15, 16 in their dresses.
Not so adorable when they look 20 and can walk well in those shoes.
Just say'en...

A public school principal... is a "Business Manager" a "Social Worker" and an "Educator".
She or he has no business in that job if they can't public speak for shit.

:) K... see ya. OH wait... I need a picture.

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Poor Farah...
That has got to be the worst!!!
To die on the same day as Michael freaking Jackson?
It's like a perfect storm recipe for instant obscurity.

But I'll never forget her.
She was the one...
The woman from whom I learned the most valuable "girl" lesson of my youth.
The dazzly girl gets all the attention and becomes jaded.
But the adorable bookish girl will totally appreciate you hand on her ass. :)
Thank you Farah. Rest In Peace.
And don't get jealous Sabrina, I have a special "thank you" just for you... :D