June 22nd, 2009


Monday, June 22

~ holy smack... I was sooooo tired today. Like, the last four days... wicked fun. Now I need a mini vacay to recover. :)
~ ps. it's the door handle on the cupboard... not a horn... or hair tuft. :)

Well, now that summer has "begun"... the weather idiots are calling for nothing but sunshine and glory.
A far cry from the endless threats of rain, coldness and general crumminess that filled their talking heads for the whole of spring-time.

~ no tie... beige trousers, but ... no tie. :)
~ and not a single "show" planned for this week... although, the week has only just begun, so you never know.
~ I have a long week ahead of me. :( ah well... long or short, they all start with a Monday morning.
~ I get to go to the gym today. I went at lunch and it was grand. My new shoes (nike cross trainers) are great... very light, etc... but my toes go to sleep on the elliptical, so I've got to stay off my toes. :)
~ no plans for tonight. :) I like nights with no plans...
~ that little miss smarty-boycuthipster is smiling...
~ for pasticcio to get an Obama Fly Killa visit...
~ and to send dotcombabe a great big smile...

It is rare indeed that the kids I'm skating around with at the parks will be wearing a helmet.
The other day... I arrived and slipped on my helmet, and this kid got up and ran to his car, grabbed his helmet and explained when he returned that "It is bad luck to not wear a helmet you have, when someone else puts there's on." ahh... ok, well I've not heard that one before, but ... cool. If wearing my helmet in these concrete death traps makes inspires just one other person to wear a helmet... I feel a measure of success. :)

Funny how much tax payers money went into making sure the folks who build cars still have jobs,
While all the people who may actually buy cars... are shit out of luck.

Watched 300 the other day.
Googled "when was 300 set" and ended up reading the wiki pages on the "Battle of Thermopylae"
wicked cool story... the larger story...
I am quite certain that the ideal way to watch 300, would be to read the wiki pages on the history of that time (~ 400 - 500 BC) AND THEN see the movie.
that would be cool.