June 21st, 2009


Sunday, June 21

Happy Fathers Day to my dad'ish friends... :)
And a big happy daddy's day to my dad.
His spirit, determination, creativity, strength and wisdom has been the backdrop to all the paths of my life.
He's a good dad. :)

ps. The weather idiots... dude, first up against the wall ... well second, after the lawyers, when the revolution comes!!!
They haven't really had anything right all week... or weekend.
How on earth can they live with themselves?

~ my sunday best... shorts and a tee
~ yard work... cleaning...
~ having my whole family over for a Dad's Day dinner. :)
~ I get to keep living the dream ... of being a dad and being alive while I do it. :)

Birthday Bonanza moments...
From yesterday,
a very happy birthday (I hope) to a good man and long time friend, inspectorjury. May there be time enough for all you can dream, and dreams enough to fill your sleep.
And to Lisa, (ladyfire), yet another in a long history of happy birthday moments - my how your world has changed!!!!!! - May this next year keep you safe on your two wheeler... and surrounded by the love you have worked so hard to enjoy.
And today...
Happy birthday jobunches ... may your tweets reveal all kinds of happy. :)
Happy birthday to my very hard working and ... basically "marvelous" friend hisbeauty. Oh that I could sit at your kitchen counter when the mood strikes you to get a'cooken. :D Have a wonderful year sugar, and I look forward to your short posts that make me want to cheer. :D
Happy birthday to one of my very first'est Lj friends, bair. I hope all is well, that Tom is fine and that the litte furry balls are keeping you in smiles.
And happy birthday to Yaba-Dabba-Girl (er... baybabayba)... who randomly shows up with wisdom and a smile, may there be baskets full of good reasons to laugh till you cry and friends enough to make you laugh when you cry.