June 19th, 2009


Friday, June 19

Absolutely beautiful... wonderful, day.
Sweating... skating... in the sun, all set to music. :) (love the "set to music" part).

~ a few different sets of clothes... pretty much varying directly with quanties of sweat.
~ omg, I'm a total bum. :)
~ today?
~ Wake up, wave to kids and suz as they head out to school and work...
~ watch the first half of 300,
~ have a shower,
~ go to gym, (have a blast),
~ go to folks house and help brother move a sofa
~ go to starbucks...
~ spend rest of the afternoon at a great big mostly empty skate park. :)
~ for bramey to enjoy the proud mommy vibes...
~ that nextproblem gets to feel that way (blessed!!) for a long long time. :)
~ that my sweet teasdale... er, sugar-tea... keeps on rolling with it.
~ and that the complications following suburbiadaze... ease up a bit...

Somebody linked a scary "reveal" of a US employment form for a city that asks you to provide all your social networking PASSWORDS to them - so they can check you out.
Pretty much what a smart phone is for.
You can give them all your passwords, date and sign it as pure truth.
... then change all the passwords fifteen seconds later.
~ all the while muttering "eat me ass wipe..." over and over...


Contrary to the pictures... there were kids there...

It is a special kind of grace... a moment of clarity in a universe of chaos... to have a day as outstanding as today... and have it be followed by a weekend!!!!!!!!!