June 14th, 2009


Sunday, June 14

~ b'in busy!! :)

Yesterday was glorious.
Just outstanding.
It was all about yard work and grocery shopping (with the boys this time. :D :D), drinking great coffee and bbq'ing rainbow trout for dinner.
Sunshine and happiness just dripping all over the place.

We had an easy evening of tv and games...
oh, and Ed and I totally enjoyed "Ghost Rider"... stupid movie... but very easy to enjoy.

MacAffee told me my Friends Page posed a Mallware Risk to my computer.
wtf is that about?

~ khaki shorts and the third shirt of the day...
~ up to cut the back lawn before I've even finished waking up.
~ yard work... because I'm loving it.
~ big move work at my folks house... collecting a pin-ball machine (circa 1973 fully "mechanical" versus electronic - and at least 300 lbs) and a ping pong table...
~ going to chinese dinner with family and my parents. :)
~ for the action of the class in the world of 1ginacolada... pays well.
~ that "breathing easy" is a phrase used at nutmeg's house...
~ and that pageeater see's the tweets as "gateway geek". They are... a flash of function in a sea of ideas. It's not twitter... it's what will come of it in time that really matters.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday - a day late but still ... :D - for little Ms. ldy. I hope all is well and that the year ahead holds a great promise of happiness. :)


Watched Pan's Laberynth with Ed last night.
I am in awe.

Note To Self
Do not... I repeat... DO NOT hang the lover-ly bird feeder
Outside the screen behind which the cat perches on our porch.
~ as I take measurements to replace two screens. fraaaak!