June 11th, 2009


Wednesday, June 10

~ in reality... I am not being attacked by a scary flying creature or a tremendously tall assailant. I'm just making a dorky face...

I don't really remember what kind of a day it was... I'm pretty sure it rained at some point but ... I never noticed.

Another presentation today... big giant room, full of people.
It's the same subject... over and over... but to vastly different groups of people,
So each occasion has to be customized to hit each specific groups hot buttons.
I'm pretty sure I'm making it look easy (my boss is digging it)
But it's exhausting.

~ dress-up clothes... (see above)
~ Wednesdays go by so freaking fast it's like they don't even exist anymore.
~ and it included a gym trip at lunch. :D
~ for some very peaceful vibes to catch up with teasdale and take gentle care of her...
~ that 1ginacolada relaxes and remembers that her friends know how busy she is... :D
~ for jloopy to magically get better over night...
~ and that kaleidoscopeeye ... finds the right vibe. :)


I'm sooooooo exhausted. :)
I have to get to bed...
If I start now... I'll prol'y get there by 1.

~ :)

Thursday, June 11

Plan was to present to the grandest of the clients "grand formage's" and his management team in two weeks.
Ring ring... "Hi, can you do the show for dude today at 3:15?" ahhh... and me in my fancy clothes...
~ then at 1:00... "can you be here in five minutes to do it?" gahhhh. :)
So I tucked in my untuck and did the big show... :)
Won't know how that went till tomorrow.

Oh, and it was kinda beautiful outside today. :)
~ yeah, so no planned "show and tell" today, so nice trousers, black tee with a blue short sleeve "don't tuck me in" shirt...
~ a full day of paperwork and getting caught up...
~ which only partially happened... (see above)
~ still waiting for suz's car to come back... :( but not till tomorrow
~ for my treasured friend, teaser ... to find blessings behind all the scary doors... :)
~ to send giant virtual high fives (VH5) to hisbeauty...
~ that ayoub gets some sleep...
~ and to tell odyssey_road that her edible-yard sounds amazing!!!

Birthday moments...
K... two long lost LJ'ers... justatwig and distortedgirl have birthdays today... "Happy birthday girls..." and both vanished as their lives turned upside down and aweful. :(
So I'm quietly sending a vibe into the universe... May there be new beginnings and opportunities for you both.

The show "WipeOut"...
bwahahaha... hate the gorons narrating... but the rest... lol.

Why don't we name the side of your chest... not your pit... below that... but before you pass the rib cage and get to your waist.
It's the part with no name.
Geezus h puddle sticks...
It's like I'm growing a third nipple!!!
aka a giant frick'ing zit on my ... what? on the No Name part... ug.
I just become more beautiful every time you read... :)

Dude!!!!! TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D