June 10th, 2009


Tuesday, June 9 (and yes, I know, I know)

A day full of rain.
Started all nasty too.

enjoyed lunch with recently-vanished-co-worker-dude...
and got good news from my clients about contract renewals.
A good day.
Despite the weather and actually working, as opposed to playing. :)

~ semi casual in dark trousers and short sleeves...
~ but I still needed my blanket at my desk... I HAVE GOT TO BUY AN OFFICE SWEATER... some big cardigan or something.
~ get a drive to work from suzy-q as her car will remain locked away with infinity until thursday. (z doesn't work on tuesdays, so she wins the car. :D)
~ another stop on the road-show in the morning... conference room and "callers-in" from across the country.
~ getting sorted for tomorrows very significant road-show moment. big show in the afternoon.
~ to cross my fingers for pixiecup
~ to send a smile to a spaz... er... uawildcatgrl
~ and for safe travels in the life and unfolding times of laurel714

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sugar-roooo (raherrier), my little tweet'ing friend. :) May the year keep you safe, respect your privacy and make you smile. :)

Women tend to avoid social congress with other women who have managed to remain girls long after growning up.
How you interpret that, varies directly with how you define, or assume I have defined the word girls.
c'est la vie.

I don't actually remember becoming addicted to crack.
However, I must have some secret addiction...
So horrible... so complete... that I don't actually even remember being a ragged crack head.
Because, clearly I was on all manner of crack when I tried to change the filters in our reverse osmosis water thing ... what? two weeks ago?
I concluded they had sent me the wrong filters with my salt order (water softener).
I called... got a bit of a run around because they were listening to my messages, checking the file, deciding I was cracked and ... not actually calling me back.
So I get through and I have a proper go-round with some tech about the filters, what I ordered, what I got, blah blah blah ... rightious indignation abounds.
I agree, in the end, to try again. That was at the end of last week.
Procrastination clearly also abounds.
So I get the kids to bed, make lunches, and ...
Try again.
Ten minutes later, all done, click clack mooo.
No problemo...
Crack, I tell you... I must have been on crack.

I totally love it when one of those "take a picture of yourself and post it right now" memes goes around.

:) ~ k, see ya. :)