June 5th, 2009


Friday, June 5

~ just came out of the gym... "Goodlife Fitness"

Another outstanding day. :)
Actually... it even got a bit on the hot side.

Sunshine. Enough to share.
Although I was quite alone today.

oh yeah... and my little Geo comes home tonight.
I go pick him up at the school at 7:30. :D

~ crappy jeans first half...
~ strategic no-shirt moments...
~ shorts for the rest. :)
~ up nice and early.... like, 6:15.
~ get Ed up, dressed, fed, and out the door
~ same for suz...
~ and then watch Phinias and Ferb... because I can.
~ begin project "Massive Lawn Maintenance" at 8:30.
~ cut front, side and back lawns... including the street gullies and the weird "I'm trying to reclaim some of this forest as lawn" sections... :D
~ this took till ...like, 1:30. I know... right. So, ok... I stopped for a few short conversations with the admiral but we're talking "ride'em lawn tractor" here... !!
~ get to the gym by 2:00... home by 3:15 ... and had a great work out btw...
~ great Edward and then fart around with sprinklers for a while.
~ now it's now.... Suz is going to a dinner hour thing with friends... I'm taking Ed for Chip Wagon Chips and then getting Geo.
~ Oh, and Edward would like to rent "Sleepy Hollow".
~ that all is well with my Geo
~ to point out that... gosh... sodiumbisulfite's journal is sooo boring and lame!! (:D)
~ that minarets doesn't get in trouble at work... LOL
~ for innerly to have a blast with her new iPod...
~ and for sirenity to live in peace ... with the spot and all his friends.

~ This morning... after cutting the front yard. :)
Am loving the "use my cell phone to snap pics and upload them. :D)

Flash: Panic in the skies over Ottawa today as pilot after pilot called in maydays, blinded by an as yet unexplained brilliance flooding up from somewhere in the regions west end. Satellite telemetry is being used to identify the source.

I cut the side and back lawns with my shirt off.
go me.
The airlines can eat it.

I would like a starbucks please.
Thank you.
k... :)

~ leaving to get fries... and starbucks.