June 1st, 2009


Monday, June 1

~ senior boss lady knows I dig the smell of fresh lilac (because I told her),
She put the bowl of lilacs from her office on my desk when she's leaving 'cuz
she wont be back till tomorrow afternoon. Is good. :)


Lots of rain.

But it's June 1... JUNE 1!!!!
It's officially on. :)

~ monday uniform... dark trousers, shirt and tie... oh wait... exactly like the picture. :)
~ ripped jeans on laundry night now. :)
~ busy day and a good one. :)
~ gym at lunch... working on a new regime thanks to the valued input from Vaun... my personal distant-service physio-therapist. :D
~ digging how the day blows past when I break it up with the gym thing. It's kind of an added bonus.
~ to send some good mojo out to a sweet mom... mylifeasamom :D
~ for quick little miracles to find canuckgirl...
~ and to send a little of that lj love to dinkydo ... just 'cuz.

Mohawks are protesting ... 'cuz the Canadian Border Service has decided to arm our border guards.
Primary complaint? "It will cause increased violence."

Abortion doc shot during church service...
'cuz gaaaaawd is on their side... I know... right?

Billy Joel and Elton John are playing at the Corel Centre tonight.
It is almost not possible to separate out just one joke from the tsunami....
I wonder if people will be able to see their diapers through their outfits?

~ k... time to go. :)
See ya soon.