May 20th, 2009


Wednesday, May 20

Day starts all rainy, cold and craptastic.
Day goes by...and becomes beeeeeautiful.
It ended with sunshine and a promise for tomorrow.
The next two days are supposed to be awesome.
I will be at the skatepark before 9:00 tomorrow. :)

So ... remember I was saying something about being at a painful company meeting last night?
Yeah... I got an email this morning...
I won the brand new Wii and Wii Fit Board and Game. Full system.
mwahahahahaha... (sinister laugh). :D
:) I pick it up tomorrow. I'm hoping there's a receipt. I've already got a Wii. :D
But I don't have a PS3.

~ beige... but nice.
~ gah... what a day!
~ busy work stuff... getting set for being away for the next two days...
~ go to meet a corp lawyer for this homeowners association stuff... sadly the meeting didn't work out... and I blew a gym opp. ah well. :)
~ end of work day... quick home... quick dinner... get sorted... go to Tim Hortons and pick up coffee and snacks for 50 people, and head to the hall I rented.
~ preside over a grand meeting... get all our annual business done... and became the "past president"... two years as pres... time to relax a little. :)
~ home to relax with a coffee... (I do not like Tim Hortons coffee... and I know this puts my canadian passport status at risk... but fuck it... it's swill)
~ put Ed to bed... he passed his level ??? 4 or 5 in swimming tonight... and with a rotten cold no less.
~ now it's now... Zee and Geo are playing magic-the-gathering at the kitchen table... geo is delaying going to bed by dragging out the game. :)
~ to thank 1ginacolada for sharing pics of her darling little girl. :)
~ for sodiumbisulfite to have a very successful run...
~ and to point out that it would be fun to swim with shoo... :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday wallacebear. May there be time and energy to attend to all the things that make you smile. :)

So I've settled on tattoo number 1. Now I just need to go get it done. Am soliciting for tat artists in town...
it's a "corto" logo...
um... this one...

... and I'm thinking high on my right arm, just above the level a normal short sleeve.
Or should I do it on the left? Does it matter? Other than ... what ever the hell I want is fine... or is there unwritten codes... ? :)
Number 2 is another story altogether.
gah... this is ridiculous... never-the-less...a half back butterfly, sort of inspired by a photo I saw of a butterfly going onto blonnie's back...
except the head, thorax and abdomen is reformed into a stylized "z" (for obvious reasons)... and Geo's and Ed's initials (and maybe birth years) are woven into the fabric of the wing patterns.
AND... the upper limits of the wings and decorative lines... reach over the shoulder, just a bit... I can imagine the twin antenna poking up the nape of my neck...
sigh... this is sketchy I know... but it's getting traction in my heart. :)

Not at all happy about the non-renewal of Sarah Connor Chronicles. Not happy... because Shirley Manson was in it... and because Summer was in it too.
But I have to agree with a critic I read today ... they just didn't play Summer enough, they got sidetracked by fun but ultimately unproductive plots... and they just didn't move the actual plot along with enough haste to keep the money flowing... I suppose.
Bummer. I hope some forum is used ... book... blog... whatever... to tell the rest of the stor as the writers saw it. :(
But yeah for Doll House renewal. :)

k... time to go. :)