May 1st, 2009


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~ how does someone like Virginia Foxx get to be anything more than a chambermaid?
~ I typed "tanks" thinking I had typed "thanks" in an email to my clients boss's boss's boss. Sigh.
~ the mayor of Ottawa goes on trial on Monday. The ultimate in big-local-news.
~ our company has a pig-line to call and report suspected flu carriers... ("pig-line" or "swine-line"... which sounds better? :D

See ya


Friday, May 1

~ what... it's Friday.

Today kinda got away from me... one minute I was working on several documents, and get up to ask someone a question... next thing I know it's 3:30 in the afternoon and I've blown the entire day in a boardroom going over and over and over this problem with our operation. We got it sorted... but I was hungry... I took my lunch at the end of the day and went to the gym again. My shoulders are going to be kinda upset with me tomorrow.
Several errands on the way home... including a special trip to get one of those "small size" hagen das icecreams... suz's fav thing in the whole world is coffee hagen das... so I got her a treat for later. :D

Oh, and it was flippen gorgeous outside today. ... windy... but wow! :D

ps. Welcome to May.

~ friday jean thing... :)
~ a Threadless tee...
~ to survive until 5:00.... no seriously.
~ to watch "The Day The Earth Stood Still" tonight...
~ that chandrielle manages to keep from getting a curly tail.
~ for uawildcatgrl to get over her non-piggy-flu. :)
~ and that zaxwrit goes for the rainbow trout...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday phenomenull... I hope the year ahead only brings you challenges that raise you up!
and happy birthday spaz... :D er... sin_da_rella.

People keep saying "blah blah blah... or it'll spell the end of the auto industry".
Because yeah... nobody anywhere is going to step in and take over the gear and start the whole contract negotiation thing from scratch.
The entire planet would just abandon the entire existing industrial complex and just go back to bikes or Korean cars.
Please stop giving these companies my tax dollars ... they're going to lose it and then fail utterly a little later.

A wand for Edward from his grandpa... a wood wizard if ever there was one... :)

Click these...

I'm exceptionally happy these days. :)
Just say'en...