April 28th, 2009


Tuesday, April 28

So... power-outtage translates into resetting all the clocks... including, of course, the alarm clock.
Let me please rename that to the alarm cock because it seems to spend all it's time trying to figure out how to fuck me over...

It succeeded this morning.
The last thing I did last night was open the window beside my side of the bed a bit ...
The second last thing I did last night was reset the alarm cock.
Set the time...
Then, because both alarms (buzzer and radio) are defaulting to 12:00 midnight because of the power loss... I have to "scoll past" the current time with each alarm...
And ... if this makes any sense ... each alarm "goes off" as I scroll past... so when I click "off" for that... it's like the alarm thinks it's off until tomorrow. So... no alarm this morning. :(
Remember that window?
Yeah... rain gently falling, making a lovely little pitter patter noise brought me out of my slumber...
My first thought was... "hmmm... I wonder what day it is?"
Somewhere down around my fourth and fifth thoughts we were all jumping out of bed at 8:17.
Ah well... None of us are so important that the world will end if we're late. :)

~ nice trousers... nice tee... nice shirt over the nice tee... :)
~ to take my other trousers and blazer to the dry cleaner on the way home. :D
~ call the clinic to see if I have to be worried about Swine Flu... seeing as I was flu stricken after our trip that touched down in Mexico.
~ that somebody gets a picture of bramey when she's covered in liquid chocolate.... :)
~ for macdatty to catch a break... really soon!!!!
~ and that acoolsecretary doesn't mess about with any random russians...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday little miss gothic... gothikbutterfly. I hope you have some good times with the new pad and that the year ahead treats you right. :)

Biggest issue for travelers to Mexico who defy the travel advisories...
You're insurance likely includes a clause about how you are on your own if you travel when there is a travel restriction recommended by the government.

The Clinic
Walk in... and the usually calm clinic was quite the bussle of activity.
I was given a mask as I entered and withing 20 seconds I was in a room ... Doc shows up withing 2 minutes and she assesses whether or not I'm still sick (I could have just told them "no, I'm not still sick..." but you know how it is....
I expected to give blood and be verified as having either had or not-had swine flu... but apparently this is not the priority.
I would have to go to "emerg", give blood and then a big expensive test would be performed on it...
"Yeah" I say... oddly concerned that they don't seem to care that they're telling me to "hurry up and come down her" but then tell me that it doesn't matter if "had" the swine flu... I don't have it now so ... "you can keep the mask... but get out." (LOL).
So no swine worries.
No little curley tails for me... (thanks tj642 LOL)


Amazing Race:
Sorry... but I lost it last week... now I'm two episodes behind and I'm not going to try and catch up with the Episode Write-ups.
But let me say... I totally enjoyed watching the idiot black chicks suffer with that swimmning thing.