April 14th, 2009


Tuesday, April 14

Yeah... so, not quite dead.
In fact, I woke up drenched and feeling a lot better.
Geo was quite something last night... worrying about how I was feeling and coming to find me at midnight and get me tylonal...
I was at 101 when I posted... I was at 104 a half hour later and I dunno when it broke.
But that was some bad freaking mojo man... :(

As I said, I'm doing loads better. I woke up on the right side of sick... called in to work to bow out... and went back to bed ... and proceeded to have a total orange-pant-dream freak show... It was good to sleep.

I went to the doc and he prescribed ... rest. He listened to lungs and all the other stuff...
and I'm not - in fact - dying. Just suffering from a flu.

I rested a lot today. :)
This included making rainbow trout and this awesome tortellini thing...

~ trash clothes for the day...
~ well... a nice tee...
~ a day of rest...
~ to stare at my summer tires... but because I have to "rest"... I can't put them on. :)
~ that sexsatan04 ... finds a path that takes her somewhere ... somewhere that rewards your effort.
~ to smile about lianna showing back up all mom'ed up and gorgeous. It's just lovely. :D :D
~ to send some warm thoughts to yumikid as she sorts out a few memories and where to keep them ... forever.
~ that mylifeasamom and the house-of-mateo... enjoys the fruits of following the path to Kijiji!!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sleep_walker... so far away... I hope all is well and that the year before you will treat you well and give you many things to photograph... and smile about. :)

I don't understand "African American". (Just heard it on TV)
Just like I didn't understand "African Canadian" when I heard it on the radio today.
I know 11 Africans ... they live in Africa... they're all white people.
No really... when did "African" become a race?
I have black friends and acquaintances here in life.
I believe that it makes sense to refer to them as "black"... if there is some reason to refer to their race.
Just as I believe that it makes sense to refer to some other friends as "brown".
Generally ... this accounts for the notion that I have no freaking clue where most of them derive their ancestry.
So I generalize black and brown.
I'm not much one to give a crap about a persons race...
but I am at odds with this whole "African" thing.
It's like the word you're supposed to use because you're chicken shit about saying black.

Radio reports that kids in Uni and College with Facebook
"Generally" get lower grades and spend less time studying than the students who live in the A zone and study all the time.
Seems to me to be a nonsense bit of information.
Of course someone with any concept of a social existence will get lower marks than the super-students that do nothing but study.
Oh and by the way... "Generally" the super-students make lousy social animals in the real-world.

A: The size of your smile, and the truth behind it.
Q: What are the perfect measurements?