March 19th, 2009


Thursday, March 19

So yeah, Hi. :)

I woke up at 7:00 this morning...
climbed over Geo - who had snuck into our bed sometime in the middle of the night... and while I know he's getting a little old for this... I am not complaining... because I love him so and I know that this is just a little tiny piece of his childhood that he is subconsciously holding onto (and I am happy to hold onto it too!!!) - er... yeah, so I climbed over him, hit snooze on the clock... climbed back in on Suz's side... snuggled... fell asleep... woke up with the snoozing alarm... got up... turned it OFF... climbed back in bed... slept till 8:13.

I woke up at 8:13 this morning...
I shaved with the electric face burner... showered fast... dried off faster, got dressed (thank the stars for "no iron shirts"), packed my laptop, and left...
Bang... zooom... out of the house at 8:35. hahaha... beat that! :D

Starbucks by 8:50... office at 8:58... desk at 9:00.
Phew. :D

Oh... and it's still fricking GORGEOUS outside.
Wow... just so completely spring like... :D
I will not lament my lack of ski trips this year... and get myself focused on next year for that.
Meanwhile... the skateboards are calling.

And I know ... the moment I take my snow tires off and put on the all-season-sporty-little-devils... we'll have a blizzard, cars will crash and people will die. I'm not ready for that kind of guilt... so the snow tires stay. :D

~ beige day... because I'm not bringing the beige stuff on the cruise (I have to dress up a lot on the cruise...)
~ busy day... but a lot of it is "wrap up" stuff to get sorted before the "end of year" for my Canadian Fed clients.
~ take a call... and find out about a LOT of new business that I may be involved in later this year in North Carolina... *cough*!!!!
~ now? I'm sitting here at 3:00 pm waiting for my client boss to finish some meeting and give me feedback on a few things... then I'm outtahere.
~ and I'm typing into my laptop's LJ Client "Skip Login" and save-draft... hopefully I wont blow the draft like I did yesterday when I get sorted at home later. :D :D
~ that talashandy enjoys the walks...
~ to send a little soft vibe to uawildcatgrl,
~ and for razzberee to hurry up and get herself more tunage!!!!!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday lisa_rp... :) I hope you have had a wonderful day and that the world conspires to keep you and your family safe... happy and in the sunshine. :)
Happy birthday rougescheveux... however absent you are. :) I hope all is well and that you're catching a few breaks. :)

and a very happy birthday to The Notorious Kym!! nbbmom. You can have a best friend but you are given a true friend... and in this life, their value is unparalleled. You're a true friend my little Sugar-Shack. May the wonderful turn of life that has brought you to this day... carry you forward and continue to bring you the happiness you so richly deserve. :D

LOST: I gotta give 'em credit... they hooked me back in. I was ready to bail after season two... wanting desperately for Sawyer to kill something... or Jack to freaking DIE already. But now? Dude!!! I love the time travel story line and ... remember that giant statue from one of the time shifts? WICKED... I hope that gets explored someday. I bet it's a statue of Richard!!!!!!! :D :D
BATTLESTAR: Thank you. I wont see your "finale" until I get back... but it has sure been a great ride. :D
MENTALIST: You still got it. I don't care what the other folks say... Love it.
LIE TO ME: Sorry... but you are the weakest link. Be gone!
CHUCK: Keep working it guys... You're just entertaining now. :D
BIG BANG: bwwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa... Best low-rent-30-minute comedy on TV for my time... :D
DOLL HOUSE: I hope you're good... I'm saving you like I'm saving FRINGE... for the summer dry spell.

I love the play craps.
I expect to leave a whack of cash behind on this boat... handing it over to pit-crews twenty dollars at a time... :D

All I can say with any certainty...
Is that I'm not done yet.


See ya. :)