March 6th, 2009


Friday, March 6

~ so yeah... Christopher Reeves on a zip line...
um... much funnier in person.
you should'a seen "para-sailing".

Holy freaking cow man... it's friday and I frigg'en love that it's Friday. I'm not going to even think about client crap tonight... nothing.

Oh, and it's like... hot out.
Strange days.

~ still wearing what I was wearing... jeans, tee and a sweater. :) comfy day.
~ just right at it all day for client #1. it's all moving along.
~ quick groceries on the way home... and egg rolls. :D
~ home for "Lost & Egg Rolls". (kids still catching up ... they're in the middle of season 4).
~ easy evening... Geo's out with Suz shopping for a new bathing suit and a nice pair of pants.
~ that crushdmb gets her tamales...
~ to send a smile out to chandrielle... in her new place.
~ to congratulate arlyn on her awesomeness. :)
~ for a few precious angels to find their way to innerly's world for a little while...
~ and to send a quiet little growl over to bardiva... the suit girl... well, sorta suit...

You know those cool little two way talkers... from like, motorola and cobra ...
In the old days we called 'em walky-talkies but now their little so they get a cute name.
Anyways... you buy them in pairs.
Can you "tune" one to another channel and make it work with one from a different pair?
My goal is to get four and be able to structure communications... even if I have to "change chanels" to talk to different ones...
no problem...
But ... can you?
who knows this stuff?

we are all on sick watch.
nobody is allowed to get sick.
fruit and fruit juice...
cold fx...

K... see ya. :)

Survivor XVIII Update!!

Survivor XVIII: Tempo Para Sofrer

Jeff Gets A Brazilian!

Where in... freaky coach guy kicks things off like it's the beginning of Throw Mama From The Train and then - not surprisingly - a vast and complex web of deceit erupts from the assembled yellow-bags-of-mostly-water. Seriously, it's all complicated... and therefore, about to implode. And for tonight’s drama, we get to watch age whine about youth, freak-show whine about beauty. Weee.

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