February 26th, 2009


Thursday, February 26

All about climbing the paper mountain that has been piled up around me.
Today's step was going to the US embassy and getting a notarized passport thingy...
And... no surprise but awesome levels of security.


~ new black jeans, nice shirt and sweater
~ and you know that laundry soap commercial with the guy that has a talking stain on his shirt... yeah, on the jeans. :D
~ they're in the wash.
~ good day... busy day. The drive downtown to the embassy broke it up nicely.
~ got lots done for client #1... and I'm setting some goals for client #2 tonight.
~ I'll see if I can get anything done for #3 tomorrow. lol... this is a bit nutz.
~ oh and try to watch survivor at some point. :)
~ to smile & wave at talashandy :D
~ to sidle up to pasticcio... and in my best joey... "how you do'en?"
~ and that canuckgirl doesn't get snow'ed in. :)

I have a copy of "rock'n'rolla" on the counter. It's a TwoNight rental. Got it last weekend.
... haven't watched it.
I have to return it... unwatched.
That's so sad.

~ must fly.